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What to do with left over infertility medicine?

I have a lot of Follistim AQ cartridges left over from a cycle.   Can anyone advise me as to what I should do with it?   I have 4 boxes of 900IU and 1 box 600IU. It is not expired, but the pharmacy will not take back.  

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The nicest thing to do is bring it to your fertility office and see if they will donate it to others that don't have insurance. Most offices do this.
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I gave mine leftover meds to a friend on this forum.  If you will not use them why not help someone else?  Meds are sooo expensive!
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Yeah, save it cause I may need it and I'll buy it from you!  I can't wait to hear good news from you!!!  Keep me posted!
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Yvette - can you have it used for the donor?  That's what I did w/my leftover meds & it saved a little money for us.
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Hey Jen:

Worse case scenario I will donate it back to the clinic.   I already gave the clinic 3 boxes of 600IU for the donor.  I have five boxes of 900 and one box of 600 IU.  I am not sure why they called in that much for me. One cycle I didn't need as much as I needed and the the 2nd cycle was cancelled due to ovarian cyst.   Oh well.  I have a friend in Phoenix who may need it so hopefully she will be able to use.  
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