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What would be some options for having a baby of my own?

So I was told that I was born without ovaries, and a uterus. Two years ago I found out that I have one ovary and a few months later I was told I have both ovaries but no uterus.
I just want to know what my options would be for having a baby of my own?
I plan on talking with my doctor about this soon, I just wanted to ask on here first.
If there are eggs can I use those on a possible surrogate?

Thanks :)
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If your ovaries produce eggs then yes, you can use your eggs and either your SO’s or a donor’s sperm, thru a cryobank to have transferred into the uterus of a surrogate.  Another option would be to use embryos that are either donated to you thru a Reproductive Endocrinologist office or there are agencies that you can contact to find a very specific donor. I’m super excited for you! For the longest time I didn’t think I could have my biological children due to an abnormal uterus and then later, many failed attempts via IUI and IVF.  If you have any other questions that I might be able to help you with please let me know either here or via private message. Wishing you the best!
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Brie,  you need to first get clarity on your anatomy.  Do you have menstrual periods?
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Hi, honey. I'm sorry you're facing this. And I truly started to doubt your dr's prefessionalism, I'm sorry. Study your anatomy first with a good reputable one! I'm afraid you'll need to seek professional help. If you produce healthy eggs you can use them in surrogacy. Have you ever considered this option?
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Your doctor is the one who actually knows the details of you particular case. so you should trust him on the treatment to follow to achieve pregnancy.
Egg donation offers high success rates as the quality of donor eggs is considerably high. (again we don't know the exact anatomy) And if you don't have a functional uterus. or pregnancy poses a serious health risk to you, then you might choose IVF using the surro to carry the pregnancy. The procedure is never easy. Sometimes it can be long and difficult to pass. But at least we do still have this option within countries. You may find this informative: https://oursurrogacyblog.wordpress.com/.
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I must add that surrogacy programs are banned almost everywhere in Europe. Egg donation is allowed only in a few countries but quite often these programs offer not very favorable conditions (for patients, as well as for donors). In Ukraine, however, all these programs are absolutely legal. That’s why Europeans seek for medical help outside of their home countries. For most citizens of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and other countries, Ukraine has become the destination for legal conducting of surrogacy and egg donation.
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If you are planning to use an agency, here are some questions you may want to ask.
How long has the agency operated?
How many surrogate arrangements has the agency facilitated over the last year? Past two years?
How long does it usually take to find a surrogate?
What are the agency fees? When is the money due? Be sure to get a detailed breakdown, not just an overall estimate.
Are the agency surrogates pre-screened? Have they been administered the FDA-required medical testing and psychological evaluation? What level of access will we have to those results—full records or summaries only?
How many case managers does the agency have and what is their typical caseload?
Is there someone available to answer emergency questions 24/7? What is that process?
Are counseling services provided to surrogates and our family?
Is the money intended for the surrogate held in escrow? Can you provide documentation of that account and the bond insurance policy?
Does the agency have Errors and Omissions insurance and liability insurance?
Has the agency ever been sued by clients or surrogates?
Does the agency provide any legal services to us or surrogates?
How does the agency recruit surrogates?
Does the agency monitor, track, and pay surrogate expenses? How does that process work? Is there a cap for expenses?
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