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What's up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday ladies!!!  I am sorry I am so late posting, again.  I am also sorry for my absence lately. It got cold here in Florida and being in the ac/heating business has had me hopping.  The Post Office has been calling me in a lot, too.  I am hoping life gets back to semi-normal soon. I miss all of you!!!

I go tomorrow for my u/s and b/w. I should have the b/w back by 5pm to know if my levels are ready for transfer!!! If everything is good, we will tranfer on Monday or Wednesday. It just depends on how far the "grow" the embryos out. I am sooooo excited! I just pray that this works. We're out of options now.

How is everyone else??
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Thanks ladies, I just posted in my journal. It is officially Wednesday!!!

Heather, you're still in the ballgame. Look at 35mom, no signs, no nothing and twins!!! I'm still praying for you.

Hannah-When is the dr going to test? 9dpIUI is still really early. Dang those Hcg shots! You could still be pg. You've heard all these ladies say that none of their pgs have been the same. Maybe this is it :)

cwolf-Kissimee is only about an hr away. It's down by Disney. If you want, pm me and I'll come meet you somewhere for lunch. If Kellym isn't busy, I'll see if she wants to come, too. Zevasmom comes down from time to time to and we all try to meet up. Our Florida family is growing!

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I can't wait to hear, you'd better call/text/e-mail or something :)
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Hey Tina...

So glad you posted again when you'll be doing your transfer. I'll be on pins & needles for ya next week. I hope everything will check out wonderfully well tomorrow. I like Tanker I'm ready to be in the 2ww wit ya. ;o) RSSBD to ya. ;o)

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Wow, Monday or Wednesday huh?  Seems like so far away... Are you going to be able to take a couple days of bedrest after the transfer?  I really hope you do :o)
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Hi Tina-Good Luck at the Dr. tomorrow, I hope everything looks perfect for you! Next week already, time flies!

FL, wow, I am thinking of taking a trip in March with my sister and her kids for spring break, around Kissimmee, (is that spelled right). Never been to FL, but here it's wonderful!

Just waiting patiently for BFP in 7 1/2 more days!

SSBD to everyone on the forum!
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Congrats Tina.  That is great news.  I can't wait till you are in your official TWW. The drum roll before the BFP.

I'm 9DPIUI and not feeling hopeful at all. I feel nothing...  In the past, I always knew I was pg by now, so I'm pretty sure I'm not.  I can't test because of the hcg booster shots. The last one was just two days ago.  Last cycle it was in my system all the way to 14dpIUI (the day AF showed up), so I'm not going to even bother poas.  Well I take that back. I did get one BFN with a FRER digital. I think it was 12dpiui. I'm gonna have to go back and look that up.  I will poadigital whatever day that was.  

Good luck with you next appt. I hope all goes well and transfer is ASAP!!
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OMG, Tina, I can't believe you're almost there! I've been checking the site lately for an updated... I'm so excited for you!!! Best of luck with your tests tomorrow!

I'm 11 dpo today in an unmedicated cycle. No signs of anything, so looks like we'll be heading to IVF soon...

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