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Wheat grass suggestions

I just started taking wheatgrass to help lower my FSH along with yoga and accupunture and I need some advice. I bought the organic powdered form because I have heard it is better than the pills. I couldn't find the juice. Anyway, it tastes TERRIBLE! I mixed it with grapejuice but YUCK! Any recipes or suggestions on how to get it down? I really want to give it a try but it is so hard to get it down!
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I get mine at Jamba Juice. it's a small shot and i just do it really quick! good luck! Any juice or health food store can do it for you and it's not very expensive for the shot.
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Unfortunately we live in a very small town and haven't got a Jamba Juice or any juice bars. I had to travel 30 miles north just to get the powder. I wish I could find the juice!
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I mix the powder in about 1/2 c. water (so it's less to drink...) and add a little lemon juice. The lemon juice covers the taste well, and you can down it almost like a shot. I have also mixed it in with smoothies and it is not too bad that way, but the smoothies definitely taste better without it!
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I mix 2 heaped teaspoons of it with half a glass of apple juice.  I also mix in 1 heaped teaspoon of maca, along with a heaped teaspoon of spirulina.  I agree, the stuff is totally vile (and so is the maca and spirulina), but it is drinkable in this combination.  I was out of apple juice once, and had to use orange juice - I just couldn't drink it.  I'm also taking a couple of tablets of it in the evening.  I'm wondering, how much wheatgrass are you all using?  I'm also taking loads of other supplements, including royal jelly and vitex, so I hope I'm not overloading!!!!  
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I have the powdered wheatgrass and I take one scoop of that every other day right now, one scoop being 8g. I did try maca root one month and it really messed with my cycle so I stopped. I may try it again if things don't go well. I've been doing yoga and acupuncture also. I just bought a new kind of prenatals also which contains Nettles which I have read is good also. I'm going to try this for awhile and see how it goes!
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That's interesting what you say about maca.  I know of another woman on here who had a negative response with it.  Can you tell me how it messed you up?  Did it alter your lining or progesterone do you know?  My CD21 progesterone level is normally great, being around 35 or so, but my last one came back at 15, and I was appalled.  I'm taking so many supplements, it's hard to pinpoint if it's due to one of those, or if it's just happened naturally.  I may come off the maca, not sure on that one now you mention it messed you up.  I'm trying acupuncture this Thursday.  I've done it in the past, just before and after embryo transfer for IVF, but I'm trying it beforehand this time, see if it makes any difference.  I should be having a transfer (God Willing) mid February I should think.  I'll tell you about something I'm taking that some REs on the net seem to recommend, and that is TRANS-RESVERATROL taken in conjunction with PYCNOGENOL (pine bark extract).  These are two very strong anti-oxidants.  I don't see much recommended for egg quality, only DHEA, which I'm on, and even some doctors don't think this is any good.  But something I do see often are these two, so you may want to try these.  I don't see how they would be harmful, as they are just anti-oxidants.  I haven't done nettles - I'm on so much, I must be jingling around inside!!!  I'm also on CQ10 and L'arginine.  

SSBD EVERYONE!!!!!  I hope all our hard work pays off!!!!  I'm sick of googling IVF, infertility, egg quality cures!!!!!  
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It's been a while since I took the Maca but I remember it messing with my cycles and causing some pain during AF. My sister reacted the same way. I didn't have any tests done so I don't know what it did to my levels. It seemed to mess with my moods also. I just didn't feel right on it. May have all been in  my head! I've heard it is supposed to adjust your estrogen levels so it may cause progesterone to change in reaction to that, not sure though. It's all so confusing! I hope something works soon though. SSBD to you!!
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