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When did Your RE start you on baby asprin?

Hey all!  Need some advice.  

My first IVF in January resulted in a BFN, I am soon going to be starting my cycle for a FET (only have 1 frozen wish me luck).  I spoke with the RN today and she said I could take baby asprin but didn't tell me when to start.  She said that even though there hasnt been any studies to prove or disapprove it I would be ok to take it.  

My question to you all is............  When did you start taking the baby asprin?  For IVFers did you take the entire time you were doing your BCP and shots?  What about those of you doing a FET, did you started taking the medicine a long tinme prior to your FET?  I will be on estrace and eventually Progesterone in Oil for this FET cycle.

Also what about those of you taking pineapple, I am going to cut it up in 5 pieces and start eating it for 5 days(including the core) on the day of the transfer until it is gone.  Anyone have any different advice on this?

Anyone also have a FET that worked when doing the complete IVF cycle didnt?

Thanks and baby dust to all!!

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I started mine on day 15 of the cycle, but I do believe on my first cycle, they had me taking it as of day 1 of AF?  
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oh...BTW.... I had my Transfer this am, and started eating my pineapple w/core today : )  5 days worth.... Here I come!!!
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I have blood clotting issues so take it daily.
Do  you only transfer one egg anyway? (even though there is only one)  The reason why I ask is because If I were you I would do another fresh cycle & then if you have extra eggs you can add them with the one you have now.  

Just a suggestion............  
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mvh:  Good for you, every little bit helps!!!!!  I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, keep us posted and take it easy!

Kricket212:  Unfortunately we are part of a warranty cycle, so I basically have only one embryo frozen and I have no choice but to transfer that one or we won't get our money back (well most of it anyhow).  All I need is good old AF to come so we can get the party started:)  I did just find out that if this FET fails we can get into the warranty again and do the entire IVF again which is nice because we wont be out another 12k.  I was slow to respond to some of the drugs so i didnt get as many fertilized as they had hoped.  So if we do it again they are going to put me on a different/higher protocol than before.  I am just hoping this one thaws and takes and it wont matter:)  They froze it at the blyoplast/good (out of excellent stage) so it has a good chance of thawing, I hope

Thanks all!  Heather
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any other advice out there for when to start taking baby asprin, from what I have read it seems like some take it all the time for the whole IVF, some in the middle of their cycle.  Anyone else know anything different?


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My re says - be cautious - baby aspirine not for everyone
The only time I tool all way I miscarried
When I took to fluff lining and stopped 3 days before transfer I had twins!
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I started taking baby aspirin after my first miscarriage (suggested by my RE)...so I was already on it when I started my IVF. I got a BFP and then continued on baby aspirin through the entire pregnancy until I was about to deliver. Best of luck with everything!
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thanks for the information, my RE said i could go ahead and take it.  My first IVF we implanted a singleton embryo and it didnt work.  I have one frozen so i am keeping my fingers crossed this one works.  I am going to see what my RE says about when to take and when to stop.  
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