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When is the best time to mate when you are on clomid

I started clomid today, dont know when I will be ovulating and dont know the best time to sleep with my husband. Any advice plssss
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My doc told me to do it every day are every other day..Cd9 through Cd20... i am on my second round of clomid last month i didnt O with the 50mg ;)

lots of baby dudst to you !!!
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Hi MzBux

What does Cd9 through Cd20 mean
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count the first day of your period cd1 meaning (cycle day 1 :)  so mate on cycle day 10 through cd20 !!!  

hope that helps you
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Hi! im on my fourth round of clomid and the best way to predict ovulation is to use opk (ovulation predictor kit) cd 10 until it turn positive then u and dh can bd everyday fertile window about 3 days. good luck have fun lots of baby dust!
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Just a quick question - didnt the doctor who prescribed this medication to you describe how it all works?

When I was on Clomid (only one month because it thinned my lining) my RE had me come in to monitor my progress through ultrasound.  We were advised to BD every second day from day 10 to day 16.  I normally monitor my O thru OPK's (you can buy them very cheaply online) and through charting my BBT's.  

This month I'm leaving it all to my RE - HE can figure out when I'm Oing on femara and time our IUI accordingly.  That's why he makes the big bucks!
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Im with u it seems like RE didnt give enough info.  u have to ask question so u can make an informed decision good luck baby dust!
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While working in tandem with your fertility specialist, you can also log onto http://babymed.com/tools/fertility/clomid/Default.aspx to find out the approximate dates you should ovulate and do the baby dance with your partner.  Use OPK's is something your fertility doc should have recommended.  Good luck!
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