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When to get your progesterone bloodwork

So as some of you know, before I could get my second round of clomid I had to see a horrible doctor.  It right after christmas and my doctor was on vacation.  Well he told me to come in to the lab and get my progesterone test done when I was cd20.  Well I told him that I usually don't even ovulate until cd20.   He told me that I was supposed to come in shortly after ovulating.  Okay.  Cool.  Well I'm 2dpo now and DH and I are heading that way anyway, so I thought I'd go get the test done while we're there.  That way we don't have to make an extra trip since it's a 45 minute drive.  Well someone here on medhelp told me that you're supposed to be around 7dpo before you get the test done.  So now I'm confused.  Help!
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They usually check it around cd21 which is you have a regular 28 day cycle would be 7dpo.  I think it is too early yet and you will get a very low result. Best to wait another 5 days.
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Yea i agree with quinns momma.. 7dpo will be the best time to get most accurate results.. it may still be low at only 2dpo which would be expected.. good luck!
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Well I FINALLY got ahold of my doctor yesterday afternoon and she said the same thing.  She was mad that the other doctor told me wrong.  Especially when I TOLD him that I ovulated on cd20 last month.  He said that ALL women ovulate between cd12 and cd16.  No matter what.  I told him that clomid can make you ovulate later than normal.  He said I didn't know what I was talking about.  Dumb doctor.

So I have an appt to get my progesterone test done on Saturday, which will be cd6 for me.  That's the closest we could get since they wont' be open on Sunday.  
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I did a lot of googling on the CD21 progesterone test.  From what I read, yes to be more technical, it should be 7DPO.  I'm getting mine done on Friday and then have the pelvic exam on Mon to check for cysts.  I'll get the blood results on my Monday appt.  GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!  Let me know how it goes!
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