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Where's my cycle buddies? :)

Hey girls!!! I hope you got my post on our other thread that i'm starting a new one for us! The other one was getting a little too long, plus now we're all in our 2ww! Yay!!!!
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i am in the 2ww also:)  Good luck to us all.
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Hi and welcome!! So glad to have another cycle buddy!!! Yay! :)  Where are you at in your 2ww? I just had my iui this morning, so tomorrow i will be 1dpiui.
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Here I am!  I'm sure the other ladies will find the thread.

Luvkayln - So glad that your IUI went well today - that is awesome.  You have a wonderful chance to get your bfp!!

I have another u/s tomorrow to check on my lead follie.  Hopefully it has grown but I have a feeling it won't be big enough for the HCG shot until Sunday.  Either way, I should be in 2ww early next week.

Dh just got home tonight so I should go spend some time with him :)  I'll check in this weekend to see how everyone is doing!

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Hey girl! So glad you found this thread! I'll send a note to the other's if they don't find us by tomorrow. I think your follie will be ready by tomorrow. They grow so fast! I remember with my first medicated cycle, my follie was at 14( on cd 11) then 2 days later was at 17.5 so i did the shot 2 nights after that, and ovulated 36 hours later. I think you'll be suprised tomorrow! I think your 14mm will be at 18mm tomorrow. Then you can do your trigger shot, and join us in the 2ww!! Yes! Go show dh some love, get busy and make that baby!!! :) I'm so glad everything worked out for you this cycle! It's truely amazing how well the timing went for you! That MUST be a sign!!! :) Let me know how your u/s goes tomorrow, i can't wait for your results!! Hopefully we'll see some BFP's out of this thread!
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I forgot to tell you all... i had to leave work early today b/c i was cramping SOOO BAD!! And i have been all day since my iui. Usually i have cramps the day before and the day of ovulation, and i did that this month, but i've never experienced cramping like this after my other 2 iui's. Why do you think i'm having real bad cramps after this iui, and i didn't the last 2? Hopefully that doesn't interfere with anything.....
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Hey! I am in the 2ww also! Hey Leighanne..How are you feeling..any symptoms??
I am currently 8dpo and been having some dull achey cramps and sore bbs since about 2 dpo, don't really know if thats a good thing..How is everyone else? Any new symptoms? Good luck to everyone!
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Hi all,

2ww here....I am 8DPO. Dull cramps for the past few days and just getting slight indications of soreness in my bbs. Hopefully good signs for us all. :)
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i am now 3dpo.  i just started my progesterone supp for the first time this morning, it wa snot very fun.
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i have been feeling small belly pains and also just this mornign started having not so nice # 2 issues, which i had the same with my first pregnancy so i am keeping ym fingers crossed.  How are you feeling?
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Lisa & Irish- That's exciting you both are both in the last week of your 2ww! I hope you both get a BFSuprise!! :)
Leighanne- Hope what you're feeling is that start of something wonderful!!
Stacey- Hey! How did your appt go this morning? I hope it showed exactly what we're hoping for!! :) I sent a note to all the other girls letting them know where we were at. No one's posted on the other thread, so i guess everyone's just having a busy weekend! :) I gotta leave for work here in a little bit, so i will check in later to see how everything went for you today. Have a great weekend!!!
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Good morning!
Welcome Lisa, Irish and Leighanne!

Luvkayln - That is interesting about the cramping.  Your ovaries are probably working really hard.  Just pay attention and if it continues or is really bad call your RE just to be safe.  I had my appt this morning.  Good news is that my lead follie had grown, but not as much as I was hoping.  It's a respectable 16 on my cd16.  Slow and steady.  I was hoping it would be bigger but I am naturally a late ovulater so I guess it does make sense.  I'm going back on Monday and hopefully it is big enough for the HCG shot....oh well!  The nurse did say that when they grow slowly it makes for a good quality egg! :)  It's amazing to think that when I was on injections, I had 6 mature follicles by cd12. Yikes!  

Mommyin09 - How were your temps this morning?  Did you ovulate yesterday as suspected?

Candie - any signs or symptoms?

Joyce - Hope you are having a great trip!  Look forward to the update.

Have a great day everyone.  I'll check in tomorrow!
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Hey, I found you guys !  :)

Luvkayln:  Thanks for starting a new thread.  Our last one was getting pretty long & I think you're right. We'll all pretty much be in the tww, as Stacey will join us next week (besides arlotheslug, but she'll be here before we know it!)
I think I would be 1DPO today.  Since I don't take the shot, I have to wait till Monday morning to know for sure, but my temp did rise slightly this morning.  I was surprised to read that you had to work last night after your IUI !  I'm glad you were able to go home early.  That would be stressful.  That's pretty cool that you work with your m-i-l & at a winery.  What do you do there?  Maybe the cramping is a good sign like Stacey said.  Your ovaries are working hard !  I had more O pain this time than I have before, too on Thurs & Fri.

Hey, Stacey !  Glad your appt. went well.  So, you have more than one follie & the 16 is the biggest so far?  You'll surely have a little b-ball by Monday & then we'll be in the same boat !  Remember, slow & steady wins the race :)

Candie:  Where are you?  Come join us !!!

Joyce:  How was your vacation?  Hope it was fun & relaxing and took your mind off your tww !!!  I sure hope that AF stayed clear !!!

Lisa, Irish & Leighanne:  Welcome to the tww !!!  Good luck to you all :)
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Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing good today! My bbs are sooo sore..and the cramps are still there! Its weird having dull cramps the whole tww..They started at o and never stopped.. I hope thats a good sign. I have been having some #2 issues too for like the past couple of days, don't know what's up with that. How bout this morning when I sneezed, I got a pinch feeling in my stomach and then again when I coughed...Has that happened to anyone else? I hope everyone has a great day! Good luck  to everyone♥
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Thanks for starting a new thread luvkayln.  I can only stop by for a minute (DH is working on a big presentation for his master's class today and he's hogging the computer!  :)  I'll be sure to check in again tomorrow.  Have a good night everyone!
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mommyin09 & candie- so glad you found us! :)
mommyin09- it sounds like you ovulated yesterday, the temp rise and O pains are a great indicator!! I'm sure monday will ensure it! Yeah, it's nice to work with dh's mom! We're both managers in the kitchen, we mainly prepare food for banquets ( weddings, parties, etc). It's a beautiful winery that overlooks the city. It's nice to go out on the terrace and enjoy a nice glass of white wine! Not now of course! :)  Hopefully not for another 9 months!! I don't know what's up with the cramping. It's not as bad today as it was yesterday. I was so thankful to have gotten off work early yesterday, i just came home and layed down! I start my progesterone tomorrow, when do you start yours?
candie- so sorry dh is hogging the computer! My dh is rarely on it, i'm the one that hogs it! :) I'm getting so excited for you, your getting soooo close!! Are you feeling anything yet? I know you don't want to look too much into that, just in case. I've decided this month i WILL NOT test until 12dpiui. Every month i can't stand it, and i start testing at like 9dpiui. And i get false +ves b/c the hcg shot is still in my system until around 10dpiui, then i obsess over evaporation lines, bla bla bla! This month, i'm not doing that to myself! It's too heartbreaking in the end, ya know? I'm thinkin' of ya, as we all are, and hoping you lead the way for all our BFP's!!!
stacey- That's great news!! Your follie is growing, slow is good! A follie with great quality is MUCH better then 6 follies that aren't of great quality! You won't be in the 2ww as fast as we thought, but you will be here, with a perfect egg! This just gives you more time to give dh some love!! :) I'm sure monday's u/s will show great improvement, and you will be able to trigger that night! We'll stay patiently waiting for you to join the 2ww! :) Grow, follie grow!!!
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Good morning ladies!

Luvkayln - Thanks for the positive thoughts.  I think you are right - 1 good one is definitley better than 6 not so good.  So fingers crossed that Monday will be the trigger shot day!  Dh is definitely in no rush :)  We will definitely help encourage you to wait on your testing this cycle!  It just adds extra stress and you don't need that!  I'm glad the cramping has slowed down and glad you left work early!  Your ovaries were probably on overdrive and your uterus may have been a little irritated by the IUI.  Hopefully both of your follies released!  I think it would be so nice to work at a winery.  I assume you get along well with your MIL?  I'm a marketing manager for a big telecommunications company in Toronto.  So I am much more 9-5!

Mommyin09 - You are officially in 2ww!  That's great.  Sounds like your ovaries had to work hard to release the perfectly round b-ball!   I'll be with you soon!  It seems like it is taking forever but I am getting some interesting insight into my natural cycle.  

Glad you found us Candie!  You need to negotiate some more time with the computer from your dh! :)  You just be sure to grab that computer from him if you have any good news to share!!  Thinking of you and hope af stays away away away!

Joyce - look forward to your update!

Lisa - You are getting late in the 2ww.  Sorry, I may have missed this, but did you take clomid this cycle, and IUI?  I am doing a natural, long cycle, which is why the ladies are all patiently waiting for me to join 2ww! :)  I'll be back on injections and IUI next cycle.

Have a great day all!  I look forward to checking in later.  This week is going to be a bit of a mess for me.  Our renovation starts tomorrow (yikes!) so we need to prep today and we will be staying with friends a few nights.  I guess dh and I will need to continue with the lovin amongst the chaos! :)

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Good morning cycle buddies! I had my trigger shot Wed 6-4 at 7:30pm and I started having SHARP cramps Friday morning around 10:30 and they went away that eve BUT, this mornig...OMG! They are back and stronger but more achy!! I go back to RE on Friday 6-13 (Yikes!) Good thing I am not superstious!! LOL!!  They will check my progesterone levels! Not sure when to test cause with my 1st pregnancy, it didnt register on a HPT until I was like 7 almost 8 weeks! RE said I probally Oed late. Hmmm, will Novarel make me do that too? Oh well, here's to sticky baby dust!!!  BTW~~We had a u/s on 6-4 and i had 2 eggs (1 in each ovary) that were 18,almost 19mm, so HOPEFULLT the shot gets those puppies out!!! Have a great day ladies!! :)
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Hi Ladies,

so i started the progesterone supps yesterday and boy are they not fun.  I am just hoping to get used to them and hopefully get a BFP within the next 7-10days as well as one for the rest of all of you.

I have been ahving small little twinges in the belly and today feeling so tired.

Good luck to us all:)

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well i am back...still no af, BUT i took 3 FRER between last night and this morning (with FMU) and still ALL BFN.  so i guess it is calling the doc on monday...grrrr...i guess this could be one that is just taking awhile to show on bpt but i am doubting it now.  still getting nauseas at times, and bbs still sore.  but idk i guess it could be anything.

the entire weekend was very stressful instead of relaxing....if you want to know more details, message me cause it is just too much to write, and i have already informed a couple of ya about it....basically the weekend SUCKED....grrrrr

anyhow good luck to all of you ladies, and i hope this 2ww goes quickly for you.


hugs and luv
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Hey Everyone!! Stacey- I am actually doing it natural..Had Hsg test done on may 28th, and they said everything looked perfect, but dh has low sperm count and he has been on clomid so now i am patiently waiting in the tww..its getting hard not to test! lol I have been cramping the entire 2ww and today not feeling the best in the world..just really lethargic and i feel constipated, sorry if tmi..Leighanne what dpo are you on right now??
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just another lil note to send all of you wonderfully lovely ladies....


hugs and luv
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Hey, ladies !  I've been really busy this weekend, so not too much computer time !  dh & I have been getting the master bedroom ready so we can rip out the old floors & get the sub floors prepared in order to put in new hardwood.  It's all coming along :) Stacey, get ready for the fun !!!  :)  We have a 90th b-day party to go to later today !  (dh's grandma's sister). It should be fun seeing tons of family, but I probably won't check back in till tomorrow morning.

Candie:  good for dh working on his Master's.  Very impressive :)  The butterfly is actually in our front yard.  We have a plant generically called a "butterfly plant", which attracts them.  They find the plant to eat, mate, etc.  The lady who helped us plan our landscaping had one in her front yard & there were butterflies everywhere !  It was so amazing, I knew I had to have one ! :)

Luvkayln: Hello.  I think I actually may have O'd Sat.  I had a huge spike in my temps from Sat-Sun., from 97.69 - 98.25 & I had some major O pain yesterday as well.  Do you get nauseous at all around O time?  I felt awful Fri-Sat !  Anyway, last cycle, I O'd on CD18 & had a minor temp increase the day before, as well, so it makes sense :)  So, I think I'm 1DPO :)  You will have to lead the way this time !  I started my progesterone last night (which, again, could be the reason for the temp increase, but whatever!!!)
Your job sounds awesome !  I love the idea of relaxing with a glass of wine, as well, but I'm with you.  If I have to wait another 9 months, that's perfectly fine with me :)  I work as a court reporter for the LA Superior Court.  It can be stressful at times, but I actually really love my job !

Stacey:  I hope your renovation goes well !  That would be a little stressful to stay with friends.  Will you be out the whole time?  At least you had some private time with dh at the most critical time :)  Good luck at your appt. tomorrow !!!  I hope you have great news & can do your trigger shot.  That would mean luvkayln, you & I would all have just a day or two in between us.

Welcome, MamaTina89:  Luvkalyn & I also had our u/s on 6/4 !  I had one 18mm egg in my left ovary.  This is my first cycle with clomid.  I didn't have an iui or hcg.  I think I just O'd yesterday & will go back to test my progesterone on Thurs. 6/12.

Joyce:  Welcome back !  I'm glad to hear AF hasn't shown, but sorry you had a stressful weekend ! :(  I hope you get some good news tomorrow to turn things around for you :)

leighanne:  Progesterone suppositories are NOT fun !  I'm right there with ya ! :)  I noticed you started them in the morning.  Are you taking them twice daily ?  I take mine in the evening just before bed.  I just started again last night.  It gets easier...

Candie, Irish & Lisa:  The countdown begins...  I wish you all a happy last week in your tww & can't wait to hear about your BFPs soon !!! :)  SSBD !!!
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I put my temps into the ovulation tracker, so you can see why I think I O'd yesterday instead of Friday.
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thanks for the welcome back...hopefully we can find out something once i get a beta done.  i am not gonna buy anymore hpt's cause it is just a waste of money....i think i have wasted 75 bucks in hpts this month alone....lol

hugs and luv and TONS of SSBD to all
ps:covered in honey to stick VERY well.
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