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Why doesn't hCG register in urine tests?

I've proceeded with  3 IUIs and 2 IVFs. After the trigger shot for one IUI and one IVF I tried to "test out" the hCG using pregnancy testing strips, 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours after the injections. I used a different brand of hCG for IUI and IVF. All test strips were negative. I used them correctly, and they were purchased for the "test-out." I have endometriosis, autoimmune disease that attacks my adrenals, ovaries and reproductive cells (killer-cells). I also tested positive for the FMR1 gene. Triple whammy of fertility hell. I've read a peer-reviewed medical paper that stated certain autoimmune disease will "mask" hCG causing a false negative pregnancy or hCG test. Is there any truth to this? Are their any other reasons why hCG would not register on a urine test? I've never been pregnant so I've never tried a blood test. I'm also wondering if there is another medical issue contributing to my fertility problems why that may be related to hCG not registering when it's in my system.
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Hi tahoe,
I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time. What ivf protocals are your drs using? I have endometriosis, overactive nk cells, multiple large fibroid. It took 3 rounds of ivf to finally get it right and they modified the protocal to include humira and intralipids. When i got my positive, yay, on the 3rd time, the urine hcg was positive. I think it depends on the accuracy of the test. I used first response. Most upt detect 50mui of hcg in urine the first response 25. When i did serum hcg  it was around 1700.

I hope you dont give up, and your center tries to find a protocal thats effective for you! Hope this helps.
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Couldn't give a better answer than younglove31!
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