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Why isn’t my period stopping with Progestin 200 mg pills?

My ob/gyn put me on Progesterone 200 mg pills because I’ve been lightly bleeding for 3
Months straight and not ovulating. She said it was supposed to stop in 3-4 days of taking the pills. I’m on day 5 and still bleeding. Why?
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Hi!  I would let your doctor know.  Have you been evaluated for something like endometriosis? You were having irregular bleeding and periods before this, correct?  Painful cramps too? Did they do any blood work to see what exactly your hormones are doing?  As in, were you low on progesterone?  I know it is used this way but you may have an underlying reason for the bleeding.  
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I was not having any painful cramps. And I was regular until recently. I haven’t had an irregular period for probably like 7 years, but had problems when I was in my teens and early 20s. I was on the pill at some point but before then I was regular too. My OB  completed bloodwork last visit to check my thyroid.
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Hi, still wondering if you have had any evaluation for endometriosis.  I would talk to your doctor and let them know you hadn't started your period.  Have you done so as of yet?  Our bodies can be very unpredictable out of nowhere but when you purposely take hormones that are supposed to 'do something ' in particular --  it is odd to then not have it actually happen.  What were the rest of your hormone levels?  Why do they think you aren't ovulating?  And spotting.  Too much progesterone is known to make you spot.  Too much estrogen can cause you not to ovulate.  
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