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Why use birth control pill before ivf/icsi?

My fertility doctor advised us today that because of my husband's extremely low sperm count that we would have to use ivf/icsi in order to conceive.  He also said that I would need to start birth control pills in my next cycle.  He said that the reason for that would be explained during my ivf consultation but I'm too curious to wait and I can't find the answer to my question anywhere.  All the other ivf treatments I've read online indicate egg stimulating drugs.  I don't seem to have a problem with my egg production so I understand not using them.  I just don't understand why I need to use birth control pills when I'm trying to conceive?
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i think it is because you need to regulate your cycles before you start all tha drugs and stuff good luck
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I think they want you to start with a clean slate.  Meaning they want to have your ovaries lay dormant to prevent cysts.  That's just a guess??  

I am not yet at the ivf stage (but getting closer).

I am on gonal, trigger and iui's.  Two months ago I had my fertility cycle cancelled because of cysts.  RE said if the cysts are still a certain size during my baseline ultrasound he would put me on birth control.  It makes sense to get the best follicles possible for transfer.  If cysts were in the way, your follicles may not grow or you may not stimulate as well.

I hope I explained that right if not sorry:)  Good luck to you and DH!!!
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Mommyluv02 is right... The bc is to regulate your cycle... Also, the RE wants everyone on the same "page", so that all the women that are doing IVF will go through retrieval and transfer within a certain time slot.
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Yeah i did the birth control thing on my IVF cycle (i'm currently on 1st cycle). My dr. told me it's so that we are all on the same cycle underthat dr. They want to regulate your cysvles, basically manipulate it so that it does what they want it to do when they want it to do it.

Good luck to you and doble, super duper baby dust to you
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Hi, I will be starting to take BC pills tomorrow. I will be doing my 3rd  IVF hopefully next month or May. My doc told me before, if I could remember it right that BCpills help to thicken the lining of your uterus (or vice versa) sorry not much info. i might be wrong..

I just want to say GOODLUCK to you..
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Wow-they are sneeky:)  I had no clue they put everyone on the same cycle to accomidate(sp) their schedules.  It makes sense.
Learn something new everyday:)
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Me and my husband was suppose to start our first ivf in April.They put me on birth control on March 26 from what I understand to schedule me for the ivf, and two week after that he took me off the bc to have a period to start the ivf and I never had one....so for me the bc just messed me up. Now our ivf is cancelled till Aug. till I get my periods regulated again....bummer.
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Ive been on biirth control pills since day 3 of my menses which was 8/28/09.  I just stopped taking the pills yesterday, 9/9/09 in hopes to start my IVF meds tommorow but I am still bleeding with menstral cramps......  I'm confused and hope that this bleeding doesn't screw me up.  Anyone out there experienced this before and can shed some light?

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See this article that I saw online to explain why use birth control pills before IVF


Normally doctors start the IVF treatment from the moment a woman gets her period. But the use of birth control pills, for 10-14 days after a period, allows the treatment to be adjusted without compromising the "ovarian response to stimulation," says Dr. Pinkas. This way, egg-harvesting can fall on a date mutually convenient to both the clinician and patient.
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