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Women of Strength!!!

A Strong Woman VS. A Woman Of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape…
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything…
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future…
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face…
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Author Unknown.
Michelle: (Offer support & prayers!!!)
naf38: (Home in Australia)

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

vortex: BFP - 32 weeks
Joyce: BFP - 26 weeks (doc appt March 11)
Jessie: BFP - 21 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 13 weeks!
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 8 weeks
rachjas:  BFP!!!!
kmcarino:  BFP!!! (beta today!)

Guesito: Waiting for AF, getting ready for FET
Keyan:  Waiting for AF, getting ready to start Lupron

Candie:  CD5
Lina:  CD8
mommyin09:  CD8 (u/s 3/7)
pyar:  CD10
Arlotheslug:  CD10
dnikki:  CD11
wishandaprayer:  CD12
Mrspace: CD30

ad_06:  4-5dpo
jmh2005: 6dpo
luvkayln: 6dpo
Shysana: 23dpo

Lina:  Good luck on the job interview!  How exciting :)  And congrats to your pregnant friend!  That's great news.  I love the name Luka!!!

kmcarino:  I'm happy to hear your results have more than doubled! I'm sure you're relieved :)  Congrats & take care!!!

rachjas:  When do you have another appt?
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Mamushko - Thank you very much for the new threat, U are awesome person! Thank you also for your wishes too moja draga i mila drugarice!:) I also like the name Luka:) and love my dearest friend (RIP) little boy very much!:)

Kmcarino - Congratulations from my heart 2 U & DH!:) Take care & be happy in this 9 month journey! :) God bless U!
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Good Morning....I think AF show her ugly face YAY!! but don't know for sure if it is her or not...I started spotting yesterday afternoon and that is about it...just some spotting, still not in full force, which is not normal for me, but I guess that is normal after a LAP and D&C...not sure, I will call my doc tomorrow and see if I can come in for the Lupron.

LinaG: I am really happy for your pregnant friend. YAY! for her, hopefuly you will soon join her in the pregnancy journey!! Good luck tomorrow at the interview.

Mommyin09: Thanks for the new thread! How are you feeling this morning, a little sore?

Kmcarino: I am really happy the #s are so great. Congrats.

Dnikki: yeah sometimes is not fair what we get paid for, but like you said is a job. Congrats!

Luvkayln: Just one more week to go! How are you doing?

Arlotheslug: I think the cheer did its job ;o) thanks! ....

495055 tn?1259704550
Kenyan:  Yippie!  (I never thought I would cheer like this . .. ) - I am glad you can start the Lupron shots!  

Lina:  Congratulations to your friend - you will be there soon.

Kmcarino:  Congrats on the awesome numbers . . . .

Mommyin09: thanks for the new thread!  

Happy Wednesday to all!  
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Good morning everyone.   I'm cd31 today.  Still no sign of AF or O.  I'm not really sure which one I should look for at this point.  I've been watching my chart, but it's all confusing to me this month.  Anyone who'd like to take a look and give me some advice, feel free.

I'm in a pretty positive mood today.  I am feeling kind of sick this morning, but that's okay.  My tummy's just bothering me.  I have a few projects to work on here at work today, which will help keep me busy.

My grandpa is doing better, ish.  They want to send him home to die basically, which is stupid.  So my aunts and uncles are trying to pull together and put him into a nursing home since the hospital won't keep him.  The problem is that he is in liver and renal failure.  They have put him on dialysis, but want to send him home.  He can barely eat and have enough oxygen to breathe, so he can't walk or go to the bathroom by himself or anything. But they expect my grandma (who is maybe 100lbs, has osteoperosis, among other health issues herself) to take care of him.  It's crazy.  So I'm praying that we get something figured out.  We all wish we could just move down there and take care of him, but it's just not feesable right now.  Please keep him in your prayers.

We have no new news on the house yet. We should find out by the end of this week so please please keep your fingers crossed.  If we get the house, DH is going to take a special job where he works.  They have a "sister school" in Wyoming that is struggling.  They are having a hard time controlling their kids.  So they keep asking DH to go help them for a MONTH or more at a time.  Well, after we get moved, he's going to take it.  We're on a break from TTC so it's good timing.  But the real reason is the money.  He'll get paid the same wages, but he'll be getting garaunteed overtime, and a $2000 bonus just for going.  So the money would come in nice.  So he wants to take it.  I'm not excited about him being gone for a month.  But I dealt with him being deployed for 9 months, twice.  So I think I can handle one little month.  Ha ha.  

mommyin09- Thanks for the new thread!  Good luck on your ultrasound Saturday.  I hope you have lots of perfect follies!  My fingers are most definately crossed for you!

kmcarino- Congrats on the BFP and the rising numbers!  I'm so happy for you!

rachjas- Congrats on the BFP!

stacey- How are you doing hun?  How's the little bean? I hope you're both doing very well.

nikki- Girl I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages!  I miss you!

luvkayln-  Yay!  You're half way through the tww!  Time for a party dance.  I hope everything is going well.  Did you guys get crazy snow this weekend?  This whole area was supposed to get light flurries, maybe an inch or two this weekend.  We got 6 inches!  Ah crazy.

keyan- How are you doing? We're getting ready to switch doctors and we're hoping to have a Lap done soon.  I'm a little nervous.   I hope all is going well with you!

299260 tn?1304219705
Michelle: (Offer support & prayers!!!)
naf38: (Home in Australia)

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

vortex: BFP - 32 weeks
Joyce: BFP - 26 weeks (doc appt March 11)
Jessie: BFP - 21 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 13 weeks!
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 8 weeks
rachjas:  BFP!!!!
kmcarino:  BFP!!!

Guesito: Waiting for AF, getting ready for FET
Keyan:  Waiting for AF, getting ready to start Lupron

Candie:  CD6
Lina:  CD9
mommyin09:  CD9 (u/s 3/7)
pyar:  CD11
Arlotheslug:  CD11
dnikki:  CD12
wishandaprayer:  CD13
Mrspace: CD31

ad_06:  5-6dpo
jmh2005: 7dpo
luvkayln: 7dpo
Shysana: 24dpo

Keyan:  Yay for the AF cheer & thanks to Arlotheslug :-)  Hopefully AF's here by the weekeend so you can start your shots soon!  Yes, a little sore.  Mostly my abs, but I feel great! :)

Arlotheslug:  Hey, thanks for the note on our prior thread about a new friend for Carmelo :)  His name is Chester & he's actually going for his test today to become a service dog.  He was very sweet, so good luck to him! :)  I was trying to remember, do you have RA?  I was curious what you do to alleviate your pain.  I have lots of issues related to TMJ problems & just started Pilates last night.  That's why Keyan asked if I was sore.  Anyway, I loved it & would recommend it.  I'm planning to go 3 times per week.  I'm thinking maybe if our bodies are stressed out & out of whack, that could be a contributing factor to not conceiving.  What do you think?  I'm also trying a spinning (cycling) class tonight! :)  How are you doing with the clomid?

Lina:  Thank you! :)

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Thank you everyone for sharing in my happiness at the number more than doubling.  All I can do now is hope for the best.  I go in Friday morning for my third beta and then probably will have an u/s on March 16th to see how many there are.

Good luck to those of you in the tww and to those of you around ovulation time!!
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Morning Ladies

Sorry I have been MIA but I got real sick and had bronchitus and an asthma attack all at the same time  but am getting better.  Still no AF but I do have my HSG scheduled for next tuesday and my Dr will give me provera again if AF dsnt show up by then. So Mommyin09 if you can change me to waiting on AF I wld appreciate it.

Congrats Kmcarino and rachjas!!!!!!  I am so happy for you both!!!
495055 tn?1259704550
I do have RA and you are correct Pillates, Yoga, etc is very good for me.  I try to stay active - with minimal weights - I can' do push ups (darn) b/c my wrists are in bad shape due to the arthritis . . . . I am glad I have a legit excuse in boot camp to not have to do pushups, mountain climers, etc . . . darn.

I am on several prescription drugs for the RA, but I also take some supplements which have been shown to work.  You may want to try Fish Oil Supplements (at least 1200 mg 2x a day).  It has been shown to work quite well - diet also works. . . .

Thanks for checking up on me.  (I am trying not to talk about the clomid for fear it is not working and to let it go -- I keep breaking down, but then again that may be the clomid WORKING!!!! - Very emotional right now! . . .  

Give Carmello a hug for me.
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mommyin09- My next appt. is 3/13. I am going in for an early ultrasound. My RE is going out of the town that week after. She wants to make sure everything is where it should be. At that appt., I will be 5w4d. We should be able to see at the least a gestational sac, correct?

luvkaylan- Your tww is flying by.. well, I am sure it doesn't seem like it to you! :)

kmcarino- I am soooo happy for you! Your numbers are looking great. When you feel comfortable you should join us in the Nov. 09 forum.  As couple of us are they already. We are all hoping for sticky babies!

All- Thank you all sooo much for you well wishes. So far, so good. I just wish they would have checked my beta once more :(. But nurse said that mored than doubled so it wasn't needed. I just pray that everything is where it should be at my appt. Right now, I am extremely exhausted. I have had a little nausea off and on, but not much.. really, just a little heartburn/indigestion.. with burping (sorry tmi).
655897 tn?1328022045
Sure, I would liek to join that forum also.  Do I just search forums to find it or is it a thread you are talking about?  My u/s will be the 16th I think so hopefully we will both get good news:)
465737 tn?1315758522
kmcarino- Here's a link! http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/342 When you get there click watch forum that way it will be on your homepage.
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Hi everybody i'm back thanks for the well wishes the funeralwas really lovely and a great send off for my aunt it was a hectic time but i feel much better knowing she is at peace now wow there's so much to catch up on congratulations on the bfp's rachjas and kmcarino a happy and relaxing 9 months to you both well i'm back on track and getting ready to go ahead with the ivf i'm due on 26thish march so not long now anyone else looking ahead to ivf hopefully none of us will need it how amazing if we have some more bfp's
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