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Women of Strength!!!

A Strong Woman VS. A Woman Of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape…
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything…
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future…
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face…
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Author Unknown.
Michelle: You have our continuing support & prayers!!!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

Vortex: 4/20/2009 Had her baby girl Sahana!!! Congrats! :) Posting pics soon!

Joyce: BFP - 36 weeks!!!
Jessie: BFP - 31 weeks!  
ArmyPrincess - 29 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 23 weeks! (appt 5/25)
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 18 weeks! (u/s today!)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! 7 weeks!!! (u/s 5/26!)

Arlotheslug:  Adoption in June!
Keyan:  lap 6/3
DreamingofaSon:  TR in December
ad_06:  Moving forward ;)
Mommyin10:  Consultation Friday!
Naf:  Consultation 5/26!
Guesito:  Started Estrace, u/s Thursday, progesterone 5/18, FET 5/22!
pyar:  Awaiting AF...

Candie: CD4 ;(
jmh2005:  CD9
Mrspace:  CD12
wishandaprayer:  CD22
Lina:  CD24

Rachjas:  4dpo! (IVF appt today!)
Hannah:  5dpo! (doc appt tomorrow, B-day on Friday!)
dnikki:  14dpiui! (beta today!)

dnikki:  I'm so sorry about your beta ;(  I'm glad you're looking forward, though & I'm proud of you that you already put in a few job applications!  That's great :)  Let us know how things turn out!  So, are you sure you'll have a month on bcp's or will you find that out at your next appt?  Hang in there!!! ;)

Candie:  I'm glad that made you smile =)  Yes, I'm excited about our consultation!  It's a step forward ;)

Hannah:  I think I'd run, too!  haha! ;)
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Luvkayln: Thanks for the note yesterday :-) Also, your next u/s is on my brother's birthday lol!!!

Mommyin10: Thank you for the note :-) I'm doing fine...for some reason it was easier this cycle to get a bfn. I don't know why....

So I started sort of spotting already, which is fine, just waiting for AF to come on full force...hopefully that will still be this morning. I go to the RE's on CD3 for u/s to see if my left ovary has gone back down to normal size. If not, I will be on bcp's for a month which I guess is okay. It will give me some time to get some discount meds lol. I kept myself fairly busy yesterday so that was good. Today I'm printing out like 50 resume's and going practically door to door on chiropractor's office's lol. I'll have to do it this morning before the rain comes in...I hate driving in the rain... Anyways, I'll check in later after all my running around :-)

Hugs, Love and SSBD to all ;-)
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dnikki- I am super sorry about the whole job situation. That was just insane! I'm glad you are right back into it though. I am sorry injects didn't work this time. Will you be doing the same protocol again? (that is after you take bcps if you have to)

mommying09- 2 days! I bet you are excited!  Thanks for the the comments on my tracker. Take a look at it now. I have no idea what is going on. I think it was the tamoxifen and the stress of waiting for IVF class.

As for the IVF class. DH & I love to be early to things... Well, we got there 1/2 hr early. So, we got there at 5:30pm. We didn't leave the parking lot until 9:20pm! There were 5 couples there all together. For the 1st hour, my RE talked about the ends and outs of IVF (how it's completed, success rates, multiples, things that could go wrong, etc...) For the 2nd hour, a nurse that worked in the lab talked about sperm collection (all of the different ways) and what happens with the eggs after ER. We also learned about grading from the RE and the nurse.  For the 3rd hour, my clint manager talked about cost, when payment is due, how to do the shots, etc... The first two had powerpoints which made it great to follow along. I felt like I was back in college! I even took notes.  All of the other couples had done intramuscular shots before; we haven't. So, the last lady stayed with us and helped us out some more. I thought that was geat! They gave us two vidoes to watch. One is about lupron and the others is about stims I believe. We filled out some more paperwork and also had to get our picture taken (egh!). I am to call the IVF clinic CD 1; which should be sometime mid next week. I also have my meeting to sign off on everything and to get my calendar the 29th! Lupron should start first week of June!
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oops, posted this on the wrong thread:

It's a GIRL!!!  I'll post pics later on today, but the pic that shows her 'stuff' was so clear that the hubbie won't let me post that one.  I guess you'll have to take our word for it :)


I hope you ladies are well this Wednesday!
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Good morning everyone.

Af is still here, still ugly and bad as ever.  But I'm doing fine.  The weather here has been icky for about 2 weeks now.  It'll rain all morning/early afternoon, and then the sun comes out and it's 80 degrees.  Back and forth every other day for the last 2 weeks.  So I think that's why I'm feeling sluggish.  I'm not sick, just... icky.  If that makes sense.  

Puppies are doing great.  They are hilarious!  I tried to upload the video of them onto youtube, but it didn't work.  My computer is being stupid.

Also, speaking of that. A friend of ours used my computer yesterday (no big deal, he had my permission) and downloaded two music download things. Limewire and kazaa. Well, I can't get limewire to UNINSTALL, and apparently he used my debit card (it was sitting on the table) for kazaa.  I got it uninstalled, but it charged me.  So I'm pretty PO'd about that. I am going to contact kazaa tonight to see if it is FOR SURE uninstalled and that I won't get more charges.  Grr.  He said he used the free version, but whatever.

I'll update more in a bit.  Gotta get some work done.
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Michelle: You have our continuing support & prayers!!!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

Vortex: 4/20/2009 Had her baby girl Sahana!!! Congrats! :) Posting pics soon!

Joyce: BFP - 36 weeks!!!
Jessie: BFP - 31 weeks!  
ArmyPrincess - 30 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 23 weeks! (appt 5/25)
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 19 weeks & It's a girl!!! =)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! 7 weeks!!! (u/s 5/26!)

Arlotheslug:  Adoption in June!
Keyan:  lap 6/3
DreamingofaSon:  TR in December
ad_06:  Moving forward ;)
Mommyin10:  Consultation Friday!
Naf:  Consultation 5/26!

Guesito:  Started Estrace, u/s tomorrow, progesterone 5/18, FET 5/22!

pyar:  Awaiting AF...
dnikki:  Awaiting AF... ;(

Candie: CD5
jmh2005:  CD10
Mrspace:  CD13
wishandaprayer:  CD23
Lina:  CD25

Rachjas: 5dpo!
Hannah:  6dpo! (B-day on Friday!)
dnikki:  I'm glad you're doing good, despite the bfn.  You're right, sometimes it is easier than others & it's good that you're keeping a positive attitude ;)  Good luck with the job hunt!  You're definitely giving it your all & that's awesome!

rachjas:  Wow, you had a long night, but learned so much!  That's wonderful!!!  It's always nice when you're surrounded by other couples who are going through the same thing, isn't it?  I'm excited for you =)

Kaylee:  Woo-Hoo!!!  I'm so happy for you & your dh =)  Congrats on finding out you're having a beautiful baby girl!!!

Mrspace:  Sorry AF's hanging around so long! ;(
299260 tn?1304219705
I looked at your chart & yeah, that's a big drop, but you are 5dpo, so it's possible it could be an implantation dip??  I guess just wait til tomorrow & see if it spikes back up & Good luck!!! =)
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Hi ladies!

Just a quick pop in to say HI!  I'm really busy at work this week so I have ben reading the updates but have not had a chance to reply to all of them.  I'm doing well and Jake has been moving around like crazy this week.  I've been calling him the Running Man...because I feel like he is doing the "running man" in my belly!  You all know what the "running man" is right?  LOL

Mommyin10 - Can't wait for your consultaion on Friday!

Luvkayln - YAY again for you, dh and the beautiful little heartbeat!

Dnikki - Sorry for -ve.  Sorry about the spotting (af?). Sorry about the job loss!!!!  You are having a crappy week.  Hang in there.  Things will get better for you.

Mrspace - Glad the pups are doing well!  Sorry about af.

Kaylee - Congrats on the little girl!!!

Candie - Sorry about AF :( but I know you have probably already moved on!  You have a lot to look forward to including a cruise vacation.  I wonder if it is a hormone imbalance or something?  Interesting and you know what?  That would probably be an easy "fix".

Ok...gotta run (well, walk fast) but just know that I'm thinking of you all and will check in again soon.

299260 tn?1304219705
Haha! Your "running man" comment made me laugh =) I'm glad you & Jake are doing well. Hopefully you're not too, too busy at work. Take care :-)
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Hi Ladies.. Happy Wednesday!!!

Just an update tomorrow is my U/S to see if everything is ready for my Transfer on Friday (5/22) Im very calm and just chilling this time around. Im just letting god take charge and decide.. :)

Hope everybody is doing great and for mommying hope your appt goes great!

449498 tn?1338775639
Stacey- OK, that was too cute! I love your  "running man" comment!! Haha! ;) I think it's time for new belly pics little miss!!?? ;)

dnikki- Oh, sorry about the -ve beta and about the spotting! :( I was really hoping.... Well, hopefully your left ovary will be down to regular size and you WON'T have to do those darn BC pills again! I know that was pure torture! :( I'll be praying that all goes well on your u/s on CD 3 when AF shows up fully! Good for you for getting a couple app's in! I hope you find a job soon! :)

Kaylee_Frye- Congrats on the baby girl! How exciting!! :) I'm already so ready to find out what we're having, but I don't care either way! I'm just SO happy our little one is doing so well! :)

Guesito- Good luck with your u/s tomorrow! I'm sure everything will be just fine, and what a great attitude you're having! Good for you! :) God will take care of you, He is truely amazing! :) Can't wait for next Friday!! Oh, how many do they think they will transfer? I'm so excited for you!! :)

Rachjas- Wow, sounds like you had a long night! But how cool that you got all your detailed info in one setting with other couples that are enduring the same road as you! I think it's so neat that they do classes for IVF so you're fully prepared for what's going to happen! I'm sure you and dh are SO ready for this! :) OK, what's this about a temp dip at 5 dpo??? I'm definately checking out your chart! ;)

Mrspace- Ooh, I'd be very PO'd too about that! Hhmm... maybe don't leave your debit card sitting around when there's company coming over, even if it's a friend! Hope you get all that taken care of, and the charges are released from your account. Gosh, sorry you're still having AF! Why do you think that is??? Did you say you have an appointment soon? Maybe they can tell you what the heck is going on?! Well, I hope it stops soon. No body likes her anyways, and her stay has definately been outwelcomed for you!

Mommyin10- Just wanted to give you a (HUG)! :) Haven't talked to you in forever I feel like! Friday is almost here, yay! :) What time is your appointment? I wonder what brand of injections they'll put you on? I can tell you that Follistim worked really well for me, and my lining was always super nice and thick on it! How's your excercising been going? I know it makes you feel so great when  you're doing it! :) That's what I'm sure really helped get your BFP last time, so that's great you're doing it again and right before your injects cycle! I have a very good feeling for your upcoming cycle! I'm excited! ;) Sean's almost here with dinner, slackin' tonight... really don't feel like cooking! ;) I've been very proud of myself though! The only "junk" food I've eaten is Taco Bell! With Kayln, Oh gosh, I was bad! I ate whatever I wanted! I craved a little bit of everything with her though, that must've just meant she wasn't a picky eater! lol :) Well, enjoy the rest of your day, and hopefully Friday will hurry up and get here, better yet, hopefully AF will hurry up and get here so you can move on to your BFP! ;)

Pyar- OMG, STILL NO AF????!!!! Where the heck is she??? I hope she hurries up and just comes on! You are a very patient woman! ;)

ad_06- Hope you are doing ok! We're all thinking of you, and will be here waiting when you and dh decide to start ttc again! :) (HUGS)

Hope everyone is doing great, and had a good Wednesday! :) I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow! Woo hoo! :) Already starting to feel like it's going by quickly... hhmmm...I'm honestly ready for it to be December so I can hold my little one! :) I think about it everyday!! :)
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We have 3 frozen babies...Dh and I decided to transfer them all. Can you imagine they all stick? Would be great but would be just as happy with one.
449498 tn?1338775639
Guesito- Wow, 3 little embies!!!!! That's awesome! :) If they all stick, well.... that would be a miracle!!! :) I know you'll be happy with whatever you get! God already knows, and he won't give you more than you can handle! :) Maybe he thinks you can handle 3... Hhmm...! LOL :) Well, we're all praying for you! You've been waiting a while for this, and you deserve for the outcome to be a GREAT one! Good luck!! :)
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