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Women of Strength!!!

A Strong Woman VS. A Woman Of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape…
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything…
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future…
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face…
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Author Unknown.

Michelle: You have our continuing support & prayers!!!

Arlotheslug:  We are all hoping & praying for you & dh!!!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

Vortex: 4/20/2009 Had her baby girl Sahana!!! Congrats! :) Posting pics soon!

Joyce: BFP - 38 weeks & It's a boy!!! =) C-section Thursday!
Jessie: BFP - 33 weeks!  (appt tomororw!)
ArmyPrincess - 32 weeks!
Stacey: BFP!!! 25 weeks! (u/s today!)
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 20 weeks & It's a girl!!! =)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! 9 weeks!!! (u/s tomorrow!)

Keyan:  lap 6/3
ad_06:  Moving forward ;)
Mommyin10:  Moving forward with IVF! (7dpo!)
Naf:  Consultation tomororw!
Rachjas:  Starting Lupron 6/2!

pyar:  Awaiting AF...

Hannah:  CD4
Lina:  CD11
dnikki:  CD12
jmh2005:  CD22
Mrspace:  CD25

Guesito:  3dpt!
Candie:  5dpo!
Guesito:  Sounds promising, but hold off on testing!!!  I would wait till at least 9dpt.  SSBD!!! =)

Stacey:  How did your appt go today!?

Luvkayln:  Sorry, I caught a cold & so, I've been dragging all day!  Yes, I had the day off! =) dh has been laying the hardwood floor in our front room, so I'm "helping" ;)  I'm so excited for your appt tomorrow!  I'll be checking in frequently =)

Naf:  Good luck with your consultation tomorrow!!! =)

Jessie:  Good luck with your appt tomorrow, too!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!!!
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oops posted on the old thread:) do we have memorial day in england :s or am i being dumb and forgeting summet important as always lol :)

Hope everyone is well. luvkayln my essay is ansewing what u wanted to no sorry it drags lol x

i am cd4 today lol just fort i would let u no:)
and wed is our adoption interveiw were we will meet a social worker who will grill us they sed we should pass with flying colours
i carnt do ivf at the moment as they have found all this stuff out my lining is thick and have cycts so we are having a break but monitoring our cycles for my specialist (not going on bc though) were going to focus on the adoption while going through all my tests and when they finally get me to my specialist may start treatment but they will try simple things 1st like metaformin clodim etc(even though i dont no what they would do for me as i o regular)
so wednesday we will be filling in forms and chatting i am so exited
in 2 weeks i have a smear (for cancer) nothing suspicious just routine i hope.
3 weeks nasty blood tests 2 of them 3 weeks write the letter to the specialist and next week sometime a scan to check my lining and cysts i am a very busy lady lol
so with me and dan both being laid of i am having interveiws he has a job but its nights so he will do it for now but has to get a day job as he is a boxer and he trains 4 nights a weeks and fighting season is soon plus i literally will not see him all week :( and that isnt possible all the time we have been together we have spent 1 night apart actually since the night we met it was 2 nights apart :(
im hearing of a job i really want tomoro so wish me luck:)
Luvkayln :) how exited though am i for you tomoro=your scan your baby will be so clear now i couldnt be more happy for you hun ur dream is actually happning again :)
and kayln i reckon will have a sister just a hunch :)

guestio if you test hun and it bfn remember its sooo early my freind just got her bfp and 4dpt she was lucky so i hope urs is soon x were all routing for u :)

lots of hugs everyone x
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Thanks for keeping up with the list! I have an app tomorrow so we'll see if I dilated anymore. I'm already a centimeter and my cervix is open so we are playing the waiting game at this point. I think within the next month he will be here. Congrats to all the bfps and to all of you women ttc please don't ever lose hope I know easier said than done but if you believe it will happen it will. Hang in there! Lots of baby dust to you all.

777396 tn?1329791151
Hi everyone,

Today is CD 12 and tomorrow is CD 13 when I start testing with OPK. This cycle was my first on clomid (50 mg), so I am hopeful for any ovulation. My first testing of OPK last cycle was negative as far as ovulation. We met with a specialist last Monday and DH is going in for his SA tomorrow.

Praying for all of you
514585 tn?1328743613
mommyin10... thanks for the new thread.... i have only a couple of days now... Thursday WOW that is so crazy. with everything that has gone on in the past few months i am really surprised that i havent gone preterm..lol... stress can be a killer all the way around.
i will probably pop in and let you guys know i am leaving to go to where my hospital is tomorrow as my ride will be here around 11ish... and then dont be alarmed if you dont hear anything until sunday or monday... i dont have a laptop therefore i wont be able to update and post pics or anything til i get home.

i wish you all the best, and lots of hugs, luv and SSBD going out to you all.....
and i agree with AP, keep your chin up, dont lose hope, and it will happen, just stay positive (which is difficult at best most of the time)
again TONS of SUPER STICKY BABY DUST going out to you all!!!!!!!!!!!
449498 tn?1338775639
Good morning! :)

Mommyin10- Ooh, sorry about the cold you caught! I've been feeling sick too lately, stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, etc... on top of the nausea! lol ;) But I'm actually starting to feel a little better now. I just don't think I can take anything this early, so I've just been toughing it out! I got your note, and I'm glad to hear you didn't bd around O time, just in case it was your lining! Isn't it funny how your chart can look so great, and there's not even a chance of a possibility! ;) My appt. is at 2:15 today, so I'll update as soon as I  get back!! I'm excited, but still nervous! I don't think the nervousness will ever go away, but it really only comes around my appointments!! Oh well, I guess that's normal! :) Have a good day back at work!

Hannah- You know, that's funny you say you have a feeling it'll be a girl, b/c last night I dreamt it was a baby girl, but it looked exactly like Kayln! :) I'm sure that was just baby Kayln coming into my dreams, like she always does! Or maybe she's trying to tell me something! Hhmm... ;)!! Well, good luck at your appointment tomorrow! Be sure and let us know what happens! :)

Joyce- Thank you for the thoughtful note the other day! :) Will be thinking of you for the rest of the week! Good luck, and congrats on being almost there!! :)

Well, better go get ready for work! It's nice to only be working a half day today! :) I'll check in later and let you all know how everything went, and of course I'll post new baby pics! :)
255732 tn?1318521422
luvkayln ~ Good luck with your appt today!!

Joyce ~Wow, a few more days and your baby will be here! I read all the other posts and am so sorry for everything that you have been through.

Mareski ~ Don't be surprised if clomid doesn't make O late. When I was taking it, I usually didn't O til between CD's 16 - 19. Good Luck.

Today is CD 34 for me, no sign of AF yet....but who knows with the m/c and all. I wish she's get here though.. I've been really moody! lol We have been keeping really busy so I haven't had much time to check in. I'll try to check in later.  Good Luck Ladies!!
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Hi all, sorry i havent posted but i have been keeping a watch on the your posts.

So today is the day, im feeling a bit scared about going to the fertility clinic i think its just my nerves.
Im cd55 wow i dont think ive ever been in this situation where i havent had af for this long and now it says im 4 DPO? does this mean ive missed my time?

Ill check back on when i get back from the fertility clinic my app is at 2.30
478429 tn?1265247987
Well, I did have a nice update typed out and all, but DS somehow clicked while I was typing and it was all erased!!! So I'll update later when he's down for a nap - we are doing the potty training thing....
514585 tn?1328743613
thank you all for the kind words of encouragement... yes unfortunately i have dealt with alot in the last few months BUT i truly believe that what doesnt kill us makes us stronger...

good luck today for those with appts.. and luvkayln i can not wait to see new baby pics...lol
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Good morning everyone.

I'm back at work today.  NOT enjoying it. My boss is nowhere to be seen, so I'm okay with that. Okay weekend update.  This may be long.

Thursday and Friday, DH and I fought like crazy.  I found out later that he was pushing me away because he's scared about my test results.  He's scared I'll have cancer and he doesn't know what to do with that anger.  So somehow it got redirected back to me.  So we fought.  I knew he was just being a crank-butt, but I needed to clear my head.  So Friday after work I went down to my mom's house.  We went out for drinks.  Saturday we went shopping (SO MUCH FUN!). I spent too much money but I got a ton of new clothes for work that were all 60% off.  So, oh well.  We went to see Star Trek.  It was good.  The kid who plays Captain Kirk was pretty easy on the eyes.  Then I went home. Hubby was in a MUCH better mood.
I waited all day for that phone call from the doctor but it never came.  Oh well.  I know that his Saturdays are pretty busy.  So hopefully I'll hear from him soon.

Sunday was rough.  AF lightened up quite a bit, but I was in such bad pain.  I stayed in bed a lot. I just couldn't get comfortable.  DH's family came over to see the puppies, or as I like to call them now:  The Poop Machines.  lol.  They are so big and doing so well.  We wormed them this weekend, and one of them got weighed by the vet.  4 weeks old and 6lbs.  Holy Chunk Monkey.   They are fully weaned now, which is good.  We said goodbye to one of them on Sunday.  DH's aunt and uncle bought one.  The brown little girl with the big blue eyes.  Her name is Maya.  So that was a little sad.
Sunday night we had dinner with the in laws.  That was fun.

Monday was amazing.  DH was asked to give the Memorial Day speech for our town.  What an honor.  As a veteran they felt he would do well.  And he did.  About halfway through his speech, he was talking about two of his best friends who were KIA (killed in action).  One, his roommate, died in DH's arms.   He got really choked up during his speech and there were tears running down his face. He doesn't talk about Iraq much, but he did yesterday.  I was so proud of him.  The whole crowd was in tears.  He ended his speech with a quote that said:
"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

It was beautiful.  Then we cleaned the house, had supper, watched movies.  It was a good day.

OHHHHH best part of the weekend!!!  

On Saturday at 7:23pm WE BECAME GOD PARENTS!!!  Little Harper Mae was born!  I will post pictures tonight.  She's so beautiful, I can't even tell you.

That's my weekend!  I'll write more later!
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Michelle: You have our continuing support & prayers!!!

Arlotheslug:  We are all hoping & praying for you & dh!!!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

Vortex: 4/20/2009 Had her baby girl Sahana!!! Congrats! :) Posting pics soon!

Joyce: BFP - 38 weeks & It's a boy!!! =) C-section Thursday!
Jessie: BFP - 33 weeks!  (appt today!)
ArmyPrincess - 32 weeks! (appt today!)
Stacey: BFP!!! 25 weeks!
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 20 weeks & It's a girl!!! =)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! 9 weeks!!! (u/s TODAY!)

Keyan:  lap 6/3
ad_06:  Moving forward ;)
Mommyin10:  Moving forward with IVF! (8dpo!)
Naf:  Consultation TODAY!
Rachjas:  Starting Lupron 6/2!

pyar:  Awaiting AF...

Hannah:  CD5 (adoption interview tomorrow)
Lina:  CD12
dnikki:  CD13
Mareski:  CD13
jmh2005:  CD23
Mrspace:  CD26

Guesito:  4dpt!
Candie:  6dpo!
Naf:  Best wishes for your appt today!!!  I know, I was nervous when I met my RE, too, but I'm sure you'll feel better once you're there & find out what the game plan is ;)

Hannah:  Good luck with the job today!  =)  Sounds like you've got a lot going on in the next month or so.  Best wishes!!!

Luvkayln:  Thinking of you today!!!  I'm sure that was Kayln in your dream, letting you know everything will be okay ;)  So, I'm getting some AF-type cramps here & there & hoping that she shows this week =)

Joyce:  Wow, you're leaving tomorrow!  We'll all be thinking of you & looking forward to your update on Sunday!!!

Stacey:  How was your u/s yesterday?  I hope little Jake's kidney is doing well & he's growing like crazy ;)

Candie:  How was your anniversary & your weekend?!

Keyan:  I can't believe your lap is next week!!!  I'm glad at least your busy work days will be behind you by then & you can take it easy afterwards.  Hang in there!  Just a few more days this week!!! =)

dnikki:  Good luck with the potty training =)

ad_06:  I know we m/c'd around the same time & I O'd a week later than normal this tiem, which I attribute to the m/c.  I'm now waiting for AF & expect her this week.  I hope she shows soon for you, too!  You know, it's funny.  When I got pregnant, my belly protruded a bit & even now, I have a little belly.  I wonder if my body is just out of whack because of all it's been through?!  It's funny 'cause I exercise & do lots of abs, but still have just that little "pooch" in my belly...

mareski:  Good luck!  I hope you do O with the clomid, but ad_06 is right.  Don't be surprised if you O a bit later than usual.

armyprincess:  Update with your appt results!  I can't believe you're so close!!!  Good luck today =)

mrspace:  That's great that dh was honored with the privilege to give a Memorial Day speech! =)  It sounds like he did a great job!  Please thank him for his service to our country!!!  It sounds like you had a nice, busy weekend.  I hope you get those results soon & they give you some guidance on how to proceed forward.  Take care! :)

guesito:  How are you doing?  Did you find the air horn? ;)
574521 tn?1313498746
I woke up kind of bummed out today.. All symptoms disappeared (the Nausea) but the cramping still on and off...I Trying to remain positive just dont know ho to feel ....I think is ssill to early anyways..And no the Air Horn is still missing, lol =)
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