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Women ttc over 35?

I just can't understand what's wrong with me!!! I'm sooo heartbroken and I just don't have no more faith. N e women over 35 ttc? Have advice?
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What procedures are you doing?
I am 37 & just completed my first IVF which worked......I have my second sono tomorrow.

Keep postive...it will happen
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I'm over 35 and I will tell you to please keep the faith. It's easy to get discouraged but I want you to know that your situation is not hopeless. I'm ttc as well and thought I was pregnant a week ago until AF showed up. I was dissapointed but I have to remember that all things will work out in God's perfect timing. Enjoy the fun of making a baby and remember it is not a job. Relax. Once you do that, I am sure you will get pregnant:-). I'm praying for you and all the women on this site. Looking forward to your positive report in 2010!!!!  

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Hi ladies i just want to wish you all my best wishes for 2010.I am nearly 41 and only have 1 fallopian tube and TTC with my fiance and so far its been 1 year but i will not give up hope.We are all here to help and support each other and thats what we need to keep up going.bev x
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Try to stay positive! :) I'm 37 and just now trying for my first child. I'm just starting IUI #2 next week. Keep looking forward and don't give up hope!
There are so many wonderful success stories on this board!

Take Care,
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Don't ever give up hope!  I had most of my thyroid removed in '98 and was told I was never having kids again (already had 2 from a prev marriage).  Hubby and I decided to cross that bridge when we got there.  We gave up on "not trying" and let nature run it's course.  18 months later, we got preggers with a girl.  Sad part is, took over 4 years of trying to finally get #4 and she was a surprise as I only have 1 tube working.  We decided to do IVF w/ PGD this time around for boys as we didn't want to try, try, try and finally have another girl, we're running out of time.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, they will find a method that will work for you!  Don't get discouraged, there's many methods untried yet!
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just joined (in the uk) and read a few comments.  I am 40 years old, very fit and healthy and have ben trying to concieve off and on in 5 different relationships for 20 years!!.  I have had all the usual tests and have been told my infertility is unexplained(?).  I recently found out my amh was low at 8.5.  If that is the reason I am not getting pregnant now then what was it 10 yeara ago?!! It seems I am always searching for answers.  I remain positive as I keep hearing of miracle stories but am aware time could be running out.  I have had IUI twice with excellent response to drugs but no pregnancy.  

I can't even begin to describe how frustrated I feel!!  I do bloody yoga, have reflexology and have tried a course of accupuncture but nothing takes away the aaarghh feeling!
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I'm did IVF with donor sperm. I had 5 embies transfered. Everything was successful. Is there anything you think that I can do to help my chances for my second IVF in March?  
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I am new to this thread...I am over 35 and trying to have our second child....first successful preg ended in tragedy when I went into labor at 24 wks our son passed after only 26 days and we have been trying for 3 years to have another after 7 failed iui's 12 months of clomid/femara, 6 months of injectables because we cant afford ivf we are not still pregnant.....just looking for some support because this journey is mentally taxing!
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I am over 35 and highly recommend frozen embryo adoption
You would be ssaving lives and helping others - there might be more sucess if the bio mom was young
I have had 3 successful FETs over 35
FIVE glorious gifts!
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Hello all!
I'm 40 and TTC my 2nd (1st is 8 yrs now) and my husbands 1st. We've been trying since our wedding in June. I had to go on Thyroid meds because of hypothyroid. We have until March to try, then the doc wants to see us both. All of my doc/NP have been very positive and encouraging. They seem to think that just because I'm older, doesn't mean it wont happen so I'm using their encouragement and all of yours to keep a good outlook. It's hard at times but everyone here is so helpful.
Good luck to you!
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