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abbrivated terms???

Hi all
can anyone expalin me these abbrivated terms? i dint see any fertility doctor  i ve been trying to conceive for a year.
these word are.................
PLEASE explain me these words so i can understand some post.
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IVF     in vitro fertilization
IUI      intra uterine insemination
TWW Two week wait (two weeks after Ovualtion)
POAS pee on a stick
HCG   the prego hormone
BFP   Big Fat Positive (prego test)
HSG   It's some sorta testing they check your falopian tubes for blockage
CM     Cervical mucus
BMI ??
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You can find most of abbreviations at:

Welcome to the forum!!
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~2 ww … 2 week wait
~AF… Aunt Flo (ie: period)
~BBT … Basal Body Temperature
~BD … Baby Dancing (sex)
~BCP … Birth Control Pills
~BFP … Big Fat Positive
~BFN … Big Fat Negative
~CD ... Cycle Day
~CF ... Cervical Fluid
~CM ... Cervical Mucus
~DH … Dear Husband
~DI ... Donor Insemination
~DPO ... Days Post-ovulation
~EPT ... Early Pregnancy Test
~ET ... Embryo Transfer
~EWCM ... Egg White Cervical Mucus
~FMU … First Morning Urine
~GL … Good Luck
~GP ... General Practitioner
~HCg ... Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
~HPT ... Home Pregnancy Test
~IVF ... In Vitro Fertilization
~LMP ... Last Menstrual Period (start date)
~~LP ... Luteal Phase
~m/c.... Miscarriage
~NP ... Nurse Practitioner
~O … Ovulation. Variants: Oed, Oing
~OB... Obstetrician/Gynecologist
~OPK ... Ovulation Predictor Kit
~PG ... Pregnant
~PI ... Primary Infertility
~PMS ... Pre-menstrual Syndrome
~POF ... Premature Ovarian Failure
~POAS … Pee On a Stick
~Rx ... Prescription
~SA ... Semen Analysis
~SI ... Secondary Infertility
~STD ... Sexually Transmitted Disease
~TTC … Trying To Conceive
~u/s ... Ultrasound
~UTI ... Urinary Tract Infection

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hi iam here 4 u&will tell u what iknow from these
IVF:invitro fertilization which means the took your ovum out&inject sperm in it then return it after fertilization to b embeded i your uterus
IUI:intra uterine insemenization which means they took the seminal fluid,prepare it then inject it with catheter in uterus.
TWW:two weeks waiting(time after ovulation till AF shows or pregnancy)
HCG:human chorionic gonadotropin ,it is hormone secreted when u r pegnant,it is either detected in serum(blood) or urine.
BFP:means u get posive pregancy test
BFN:u get negative pregnancy test
PCOS:polycystic ovary syndrome,i have it,it means ovary makes many follicles but no 1 of them mature so no ovulation&in better cases weak or late ovulation(like me)
hoping to b benifiting for u&u r welcomed here with us.i'll b always here 4 u.
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BMI is Body Mass Index...it is a number that is a better indicator of health than weight alone.

There are also 'health pages' that have abbreviations for you...

Good luck!
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