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about my chat is this normal

hi , just new to chating did it look like i ovulated ? is it normal for my temps to  be going up my af is due the 23rd http://babymed.com/Tools/Fertility/FertilChart/Show.aspx?P3E4F527
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i ment to say charting dont i look like the silly one lol
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Your chart looks pretty normal to me. I'd say you O'd on CD12. (That is the first day that your temp climbs 2/10 of a degree above the last 6 days) The 2nd half of your cycle (the luteal phase) is known for high temps. It is perfectly normal for you to see these temps go up. One of two things will happen as you get closer to AF:

1. Your temps will fall and AF will appear (although I noticed your AF temps last time were pretty high- that, too, is pretty normal)

2. Your temps will continue to rise, AF will not show, and you will test for pg.

A couple of notes- make sure you are taking your temp at the same time every day. I recommend vaginal temping- it is much more accurate than oral temping, especially if your room temperature changes a bit. Try to keep your room temp the same every night. If you have a fan on- always have a fan on....etc...
My charts go up and down a lot. It just takes time to learn your cycle and what is normal for you. You will get the hang of it! Good luck!
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thanx heaps yeah i do take it that way i find it easy cause i have a blocked noise alot ,yeah this is the fist month of charting so im not sure what to expect thanx fo the advice hopeing my af doesnt come fingers crossed ,
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