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am i pregnant

I spotted for three days this month i think thats a good sign. and ,around my areola i have a dark circle around the edge of my boobs...  boobs are kind of sore just mostly when i wakeup  the sides of them are sore
Thanks for your reply....... ♡
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Spotting when menstruation is expected can actually be suggestive of implantation bleeding which occurs when the fertilized ovum implants itself into the uterine endometrium.Missed period is an earliest sign of pregnancy. Sore breasts, nausea, increased urine frequency are few other symptoms suggestive of early pregnancy. Take up pregnancy test if you have missed your periods. If pregnancy test is negative other possible causes could be hormonal imbalances, ovulation dysfunction etc.Stress,eating disorders, too much of exercise all can cause hormonal fluctuations.  Consult a gynecologist for more queries and assistance.
Best luck and regards!
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Yes.  You should definitely take a home pregnancy test and then follow up with a doctor just in case something else is going on.

Best Wishes! :)
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