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an new years update

hey ladies...i see they did some changes to this website

im sorry i havent been in touch very much lately...im going through a lot of drama right now and have just wanted to be alone

im just about 8 weeks preg and im getting ready to seperate from DH....his drinking is making me nuts and i have to do the right thing for my children

my emotions are all over the place but i know god didnt give this miracle to me for no reason...there's a  reason and ill do whatever it takes to be a good mommy to the new baby on the way

again im sorry i havent been in touch...i just need a lot of alone time right now...i got a lot to pack up and finding a new home....its draining me

take care and i hope everybody is doing well
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OMG I'm so sorry about all this.
I'm sure that the situation must be tough to take such a decision at this time of your life.
Take care of yourself,we are always here for you,
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So sorry you having to go through this. Take care of your self and try aand keep strong. xx
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I am sorry to hear all about this.  Hopefully your DH will think of the baby and quit drinking.  I am not saying seperate is good, but in some special case, you rather live by yourself and be more healthy then living together and have problems.  I wish you all the best and hopefully you and your DH will work it out.  It's hard for the baby when she/he is born without a father in life.  

now you are pregnant, take care of yourself and relax.  keep us posted.

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I am so sorry you have to go through this!  I am glad you are thinking of your baby first.
Best of luck in your new beginnings.
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this is soo tough....im sorry this is happening....hopefully he'll wake up and things will work out

are you getting a divorce or just seperating?
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I'm so sorry you have to go through with this.  I was really hoping you would work things out especially when you found out you were pg.

Stay strong, and do what ever you feel is best for you and your kids.
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