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anyone starting the tww this week?

Looking for cycle buddies - Anyone starting the tww this week?

this is my 2nd iui TTC #2. I took Follistim CD3-9. I over-responded and had to coast the past few days while my RE monitored my b/w and follicles to see if the iui would be canceled. On Monday I had 16 measurable follies and the biggest 8 were all within 2 mm of each other. After coasting for a few days, it looks like I will release 2 maybe 3. Hopefully this is our lucky cycle! Me and my DH are blessed to have a beautiful baby boy and we would love to give him a baby brother or sister.

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bump - anyone?
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I am 5 Days past ovulation. I am taking Clomid CD 3-7. I had 2 Follicles that were maturing this cycle, when the did at ultra sound on Day 13. Me and my DH and just have inter coures around ovulation time. We have been TTC #1 for just about 2 yrs. This is my second round of clomid on 100mg, tried 2 previously on 50mg, but did not ovulate! We are really keeping our fingers crossed that we won't have to do IUI. We hope just with the help of clomid with work.

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Did you get a trigger shot? when me and my DH first visited the RE we had all of the tests run (after 9 months of TTC) and the results were all  normal - we have unexplained infertility. B/c of my "advanced maternal age" our RE recommended aggressive treatment. We did 2 rounds of clomid - 1st round I produced 2-3 follies, the 2nd round I produced 1 - + trigger+iui. Both were BFN. The 3rd round we used injectables+trigger+iui and we got a BFP! I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy DS in January. We tried 2 cycles on our own TTC, BFN and then we went back to the RE. This is my 2nd round using injectables+trigger+iui. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My insurance covers 1 more iui + 3 ivf's (lifetime). My DH is terrified of ivf so I'm really hoping this works. Are you doing anything to help implantation? When are you testing? The tww is really hard...
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I have gone the last 2 cycle's for ultra sounds, but it's been to early for tigure shots, so I haven't had one yet. I do not ovulate, so that is the only real problem, so far. My husaband has a high sperm count and great motility. I live in Canada and unfortunately they don't cover the cost of iui or ivf, so were hoping to go have to go that way.

What can I do to help implantation? AF is supposed to come friday ir satuday of next week.

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i started the dreaded two week wait this week. i have done 4 rounds of clomid (plus hcg injections)-i responded really well-ovulated 1egg, 2eggs, 3eggs, 2eggs had a chemical pregnancy the second round but have not fallen pregnant since. the last round of clomid (the 4th) my levels did not get up as high as they would have liked and they told me to move on to another drug-puragon. had to stim on purgaon for 20 days til i got 1 mature egg. had iui for the first time and am now in the tww with hcg injections. im in australia and my healthcare does not cover iui or ivf so its costing us aout $1500 for iui out of our own pockets! not cheap. i have my fingers crossed it works this time.
i too would like to know if there is anything i can do to help implantation? or is that just up to nature?
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mich183 - 9/3 or 9/4
kikkleh- ?
docsaf - 9/10

Welcome mich183 and kikkleh!

Besides progesterone sup/prometrium, I read the followig may help with implantation:

vitamin B6, bromelain (in the pineapple core), acupunture, omega 3, baby aspirin; particularly pineapples (only for 1-5 dpo), sunflower seeds, milk, and no caffeine

I am taking crinone 8% to help with implantation this cycle.  I am going to buy a pineapple today - the pineapple core is supposed to contain the bromelain. are either of you doing acrupuncture? I am not, but I've heard great things about it.

How do you keep your mind off the tww? Are either of you testing early? I have an appt for b/w on 9/10 if I don't get AF. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help but think about when I can take a hpt. This weekend I am going to the movies and maybe to a local farm/petting zoo for a day trip on Sat.

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Not thinking about ti is hard. I just try to keep busy, but I tend to think about it on the weekends when I am not at work.

I take omega 3, calcium, and my praternal vitamin every night, and I am going to star eating more pineapple.

I have wondered about acupunture, but I can have anxiety, so I don't this it would be a good choice for me.

I have an underactive thyroid so I need to know if I am pregnant almost right away, as I have to up my Thyroid meds.
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hi everyone.  I just had my 3rd round of IUI/clomid/trigger on 8/25/10.  Test day is 9/8.  I've been able to produce 2/3/2 mature follies for all my cycles.  but this cycle, my uterine lining was measuring only 5.7mm so i had to take Estrace for 3 days to help thicken it.  hopefully that did the trick.   Any of you ladies experience this?  I believe clomid is the culprit and my RE agreed it's not uncommon.

Sticky baby dust to all:) Come on BFP's!!!
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I have this werid feeling that I am going to get a BFN again, it wouldn't be a big surprise.

I know thinking poistive is best, but it hasn't gotten me anywhere!
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Hi everyone, I hope I will be starting my tww tomorrow! This is my first cycle of injectables, I have 2 folls and everything is looking good. I have u/s and b/w scheduled for tomorrow morning to see if it is time to trigger. I previously did 4 rounds of clomid but it thinned my lining and I did not get pg.

I am in year 4 of ttc #1. Have had 3 pg, all conceived naturally, but lost all. Am trying meds, hoping to improve chances that the next pg will be successful. I am also doing acupuncture. This is the first medicated cycle where things are looking good, so I am feeling very positive, but also trying not to get my hopes up too high... It will be a long 2 weeks...
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i wish i could test early but im on pregnyl injections (hcg) so it will come up positive. the day it is all out of my system is the day i get my blood test to find out. so there is no point in doing it!

beehappy76- it sounds like you have had similar treatment to myself-i did 4 rounds of clomid, 1 chemical pregancy on round 2, but no kid obviously!
am now half way through first purgaon ijnjectables cycle and in the 2ww. when i was on clomid my lining would get to about 9mm-my first round of puragon the lining got to 11! hoping that 2mm difference will help implantation.
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I'm starting my two week wait today after embryo transfer this afternoon. Test date is Sept 7 b/c the office isn't open for blood work on Sun and Mon is a holiday.
mich183--I know how you feel. I know it's better to be positive but I am having extreme difficulty doing so.
docsaf: why is your dh afraid of ivf? I just finished my first one and honestly I wish I had skipped the three iuis and gone straight to ivf. I was 39 when I started and am now 40 and the odds of my getting pregnant are diminishing...ivf was really not bad. I was afraid of the retrieval but it went well and I felt nothing. The transfer is pretty much like an iui and there were more shots but you get used to them (at least I did).
BeeHappy76: you are right, it will be a long two weeks.
SSBD to all of us
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I am tww too. i had 1st. iui on the 25th. I can't afford to try again so I hope it worked. I have sore bbs and feel nauseated. I'm also tired and constipated. My sister says this is normal. She would know as she has had 2 iui's with bfp's.
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We did IVF for the 4th time on the 16th and are on our 2 week wait. I've gotten pregnant before through IVF but none ended in a healthy birth. We're praying for otherwise, this time.

A few days after the IVF, I would have bet my life that again this was a success due to similar symptons as with my previous pregnancies... (I get a bloody nose, pain in my lower abdomen, and breast pain).

But a few days later, none of the above symptoms exist, so now we're again waiting to see what the outcome of my blood test will be on Monday. It's both, exciting, and nerve racking.

I've written before of what we pay to do IVF ($2000 total... including the actual IVF and injections). I'm sorry that those in the states have to go through such financial difficulties in order to do IVF.

I hope and pray that not only is our IVF a success, but every other person out there going through the same has success.
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gOOD LUCK LADIES! i AM ON DAY 10 OF MY TWW AND IT IS KILLING ME NO TO TEST TODAY. I have got to do something to get my mind off of testing.
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on my tww as well... iui on aug 24th bloodwork on aug 31. first round of injectables with 3 follicles...

can't wait to hear everyone's results! wishing and praying that they are all bfps... Baby dust to all!
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Almost at the end of my ttw.  IUI Was on the 18th & beta on the 30th.  Did 4 rounds of clomid w/ 2 mature follies ea time.  All bfn.  This is my 1st round of injectables w/ 3 follies.  Hopefully this cycle is it as I really did not enjoy the injections.  : ). Good luck everyone!
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In Canada IVF cost's about $10,000. We are hoping to not have to go that far!
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beirutbaby - ?
rmmoye - ?
mich183 - 9/3 or 9/4
kikkleh- ?
nshapland - 9/7
esmie1012 - 9/8
mnghorse - 9/8?
tonysbabydoll00 - 9/9?
docsaf - 9/10
beehappy76 - ?

esmie1012 - i have heard that clomid thins the lining. I don't remember the numbers, but when I first switched to injectables my RE mentioned that my lining numbers looked great. He never said that before.

beehappy76 / mnghorse - my 1st cycle of injectables was a lucky cycle - I got my 1st pg and now have a 7 month old DS.

nshapland - i am not sure why my DH is afraid. At first I thought he was afraid we would get pregnant with 3+ (I know that terrifies him). I reassured him that there is less of a chance of that happening compared to iui since our RE would control the number to implant. I know he thinks the egg retrieval would be painful for me. Our insurance will cover 1 more iui. If the current one is unsuccessful we will have to meet with our RE to discuss what will need to be done to start ivf. My DH told me I should ask my insurance co about trading 1 of the ivf's for another iui. He tells me he isn't afraid, but when I bring the possibility up, he brings up doing another iui instead.

tonysbabydoll00 - what meds did you take?

SSBD to all! It's only day 2 of the tww and I've already thought about it about 1000 times. I am going to buy pineapple today and stock up on my prenatal vitamins.
Have a good weekend!
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I took clomid 100mg. My uterus lining was thin at1st ultrasound so I took bromlain and drank pomagarnet juice and raspberry tea. The second ultrasound everything was find so did iui on Wednesday. Had two large follicles 23 and 18 at 1st ultrasound. Not sure how big at second. I hope this works as I can't afford another $1200. I know to some that isn't alot of money but, it is to us as we had to borrow it. My husband doesn't work he is in his last semester of nursing school.
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I'm on day 8 of 2ww  ( renamed for me, 2wt, meaning two week torture lol! ) I have to wait till September 3rd, although that is less then a week away, it seems like forever.

Good luck!
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find out on the 9th sept. fingers crossed as we have been on fertility treatment for 7 months now and are running out of money. i was surprised when i asked my clinic what the success rates were for iui. they told me for 1 follicle its the same as falling pregnant naturally-about 18%. why in the hell would i pay $1500 for iui if it does not increase my chances of falling pregnant?!!! i dont understand.
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Hi hopeful1970142!
I can totally relate... Eight day of my 2wt (love your abbreviation!)... Oh, even the slowest of the slow Chinese water tortures seem more humane than this!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed, and wishing us all lots of luck. Was this your first IUI?
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I think the point when using fertility drugs is to get more than one follicle at a time to increase your chances.  When I did iui  my dr said he was going for 3-4 follicles.  Didn't work for me, but then again I'm 40.
Or, if it's a sperm factor that's causing the infertility, iui can help w/ that (like motility, etc).
The 18% is if everything is working properly and for those of us w/ infertility something isn't working properly so our odds are less than 18% each month...
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