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beta negative

Well...just got the call...negative on the b/w. Pretty much numb, but kind of expected it due to FET of frozen/defrosted blasts. Anyway...good luck to all of you wonderful women. I wish you the best of luck with all of your en devours.I am closing this chapter in my life (have two wonderful wonderful boys, so I am very very lucky!) But know that I have to put all of my energy into my family and life and know that I did all I could with this part of my life.
Again...good luck...I am going to sign off! xxoo  :O)
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Oh man - I am so sorry!  know what it feels like to want something so ba and not get it. My heart goes out to you. Good luck to you too and thank you for the well wishes. I wish I could say or do something to make it all better. HUGS to you and your family.
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I'm so very sorry.  I wish that I could say something of comfort.  Please know that I'm thinking and praying for you.  Also, want to thank you for all your help and kindness to me.

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I am so sorry.  I do know how you feel.  I wish that I could say something but so many of us feel your pain and we do understand.
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hi andrea, soooo sorry to hear that dear:( Wish there was something I could say or do to make you feel better. Please know that you have all my good wishes and thoughts.

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Thanks ladies for you kind words (i had to peek again...I keep telling myself to just close out of this and not be a "lurker" tee..hee!) But I did want to say thanks again...I feel a bit empty right now, but know "this too shall pass" I just want to make sure that I don't get into that "rut" that can happen (been there...done that!) and take that energy to improve other aspects of my life and make sure the two boys I have now know they are the most wonderful things around. Again...I know how lucky I am to have them, so don't want to sound like "poor me" knowing there are so many women who have tried/are trying so hard to achieve that first miracle of life (which can come in so many different ways!). So again...best wishes to you beautiful women! Despite this challenge you are in...you will be stronger and will end up w/ your miracle some how some way (just don't steal that miracle from Walmart when there is a little one not being watched in a grocery cart...man, I have been tempted!)
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If God put this dream in your heart to have kids, you will.  You have to keep going forward and it might not look the way you expect it to,ie. use donor eggs, or adopt, but if you really want to have children you will.  Stay strong, and don't give up.  And don't steal one from Walmart! haha
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Thanks so much...I know...if it is to be...
We did use donor eggs (that is how we got our one little angel!) and have used all the frozen. I think we have exhausted our funds, though (we have spent a total of 30K)...or I would go the adoption route. But I know we did all we could, so I will not regret anything!!! :O) That was what I didn't want to do, when we began this "fertility journey" I was ready to spend and do all I could...got our little guy, so I know I have done what I can.
Good luck w/ your pregnancy!!
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