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bleeding after embryo transfer

Hello. I had my embryo transfer 9 days ago and I just started bleeding like I'm having my period. I have 5 day day to go before my blood test and I just feel really sad and worried.
Anyone out had the same experience?
This is my 1st Ivf, but I have 6 AI. I'm 40 years old.
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hi, are you on progesterone? I more than spotted when I was on that last time. I am pregnant with twins now. My level was low so they increased my dosgage and everyhting is fine. Have you told your clinic? I hope everything is okay. Will you try again if this time doesn't work? If you have any other IVF questions feel free to ask me. We went through it 5 times. The last two times worked. I have 20 month old twins also. It's a rollercoaster ride for sure! I know what you are going through. The days until the preg test just seem to drag and then when the day is finally here you are nervous and scared to hear the results. Hang in there and know that you have support if you need it.
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Your IVF clinic probably has an emergency on-call advice person evenings and weekends, I'd phone them and tell them you are bleeding.  It might be normal or they might also want to change your progesterone levels, as the previous poster said.  In either case, it will make you feel much better if you talk to them! I had bleeding, and my clinic said I should lie down until 24 hours after the bleeding stops, and stay very, very hydrated, drinking up to 2 quarts of (non-caffienated, non-sugary) liquid extra per day. (My sister tells me that drinking lots of water is how they calm down Braxton-Hicks contractions, so that makes sense.)  I did all that and it calmed down.  This is not the time to clean the attic and carry heavy boxes up and down stairs!  Also, they said bleeding early in pregnancy is relatively common with IVF, even more so than for other pregnancies and it's pretty common with them too.  They said if it is the beginning of a m/c, all the going to bed in the world won't make it stop, but if it is just some of the uterine lining pulling away from the uterus (not near the baby), the lying in bed helps the uterus stop contracting (i.e., walking around causes it to contract). They also said that when they put in 2 embryos, the uterus sometimes reacts by expanding pretty fast, which might be why sometimes the lining can't keep up and you get a bleed.  If you are 9 days post transfer, when you are sending hubby to the store for many hydrating drinks for yourself, ask him to also pick up a 2-pak of ept.  You can get results in only about three or four days from now, with this test.  I got mine with ept at only 11 days post transfer, but that was unusually early even by ept's standards.  Good luck!
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I had a 5 day embryo transfer on 3/13 and was to have my preg. test on 3/27 Friday...on Tues.  night I spotted...is started crying I was scared..I went to get the cheapest hpt at CVS and took it...I got a BFP......I called the nurse the next day on Wed...she said to come in on Thurs. Morning...I did...and blood test confirmed..hcg was 457!!! that is high from what I have read...that was 14 weeks ago..I can't wait to feel my peanut kick.
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I am 15 days past my transfer (2 embryos) and have been using the progesterone suppositories 3x day.  I've had what I guess is the normal clear dripping from those lovely things, but I've also had a bit of cramping and am worried.  Especially worried because yesterday I started to have a discharge that was a bit more yellow and it has dark red/brown tiny specks in it.  Im sooooo worried.  Is this a bad sign...the slight cramping (no more breast tenderness- a lot before) and the discharge with specks in it?  Please help with advice or input.  I go in for my first blood test on Friday.  Thanks in advance.

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I had a FET on 3/17, they transferred two embryos. This past Tuesday I started to spot. It was a pinkish/brown and then it stopped. I noticed it some yesterday also and today again. This is my second transfer and with the first ET things were much different. I had symptoms almost immediately and this time I have had none.I had no bleeding or cramping the first time and I have this time.  I took a test yesterday which was 8 days post-transfer. Can anyone tell me if this is normal. I have my first blood test tomorrow.
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I also have my first blood test tomorrow and had the transfer on 3/17.  This is our 3rd try at IVF.. The other two times I had gotten my period a few days after.  This time it has been diff.  I felt cramps initially but they have stopped.  Today I started to notice some bleeding (and although I am trying to be hopeful) I think I might be gettting my period.  I won't know for sure until tommorrow as well.  Not sure what to think anymore and the more I read the more confused I am.  
I wish you lots of luck and hope it all works out for you.
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i totally understand how worrying it is when this happens i am on my first cycle of ivf and had 2 perfect embryos go back in and have had the cramps all the way through but otherwise i have been fine i am also taking the posstry things u insert very lady like NOT  twice day. i noticed i was spotting on the 7th day and ws really uset i broke down my hubby called the hospital and my doctor said spotting is not a good sign but it is not the end of it i just need to rest a few days and monitor it. 2 day is the day after still spotting very very slightly cramps are there. please does anyone have any words of wisdom or simuliar stories
thanks a desperate mum wannabexxx
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I would not worry if the spotting is just a little light.  Stay down if you can until 24 hours after the spotting clears entirely.  If this is not possible, still try to stay off your feet as much as you can.  Keep hydrated, too, dehydration can cause uterine contractions.  When is your pregnancy test?
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hi thanks for the advice but it became a full on period actually the worse i have had in years but no clots funny enough anyway i called the hospital the doc said it dont look very good still to take my pregnancy test on 28th may i am very disapointed i just brek in to floods of tears but like the doc said u never no i may get a very small slight chance of a surprise and i have a great surportive husband
i will post u on what happens next
luv funkyclaire
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im due in 2 days for my blood test but on my 10th day after embryo transfer i started to bleed and getting cramping i have given up hope of being pregnant good luck to you let me know how you went.
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dont give up hope it depends on ur bleed is it full bleed or spotting. i a sorry u have lost hope i totally no how it feel i have to take my home pregancy test tomorrow and i no its gonna be negative it was eally hard togo in te pharmisist today and buy the test knowing i am a big fat failer.
chin up girl
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i had my ET 8 days ago and had two good blastocyst embryos transferred. All through i have had sore breast and cramping but this morning to my shock i woke up and I am bleeding. My period is not due until next tuesday and my blood test next monday, could i get such an early period. is this it? is it all over for me
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Hi! I am 11 days since I had 2 embies transferred(for the seond time=( ). I have been very very crampy since day 9 and I started spotting (dark brown) yesterday. I am just sure this is my period but I am so hopeful. It is not a lot, just a little when i wipe. i was talking to my doc yester day and she said the progesteron can cause spotting, but i am SOOO crampy!  I took hpt on days 9 and 10 with BFN..didn't test today. beta tomorrow. stay hydrated!!! it is so important.
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im at day 9 pt and started spotting its only when i wipe myself was tearful has anyone had a positive after bleeding i hope this isnt the end can anyone help
         thanks nicky
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I had my first ET on 20 Nov 09 and blood test due this friday 4 Dec 09. Did HPT on day 8 and got BFN. This afternoon (day 12) I started to have some bleeding and cramping...plus I have been washing myself and seeing crinone residue coming off...yellow/brown speckled creamy stuff...Not sure if it is a sign of period but sure looks like...but sure that they will still want me to do blood test on Friday (day 14)...:(
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I am experiencing the same thing.  My blood test is tomorrow and I started bleeding this morning.  My clinic said they can't do anything right now.  I still have to wait until tomorrow to find out.  However, I did a home test and it was +.  Now I'm worried that I'm having a m/c...  I've heard that if the bleeding is very light, it could be just from the uterus lining or from the progesterone.  Not good if it's heavy bleeding.  It sounds like yours is not that heavy so keep your chin up and good luck tomorrow!!!
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Would you be able to share the results of your blood test?  This is my second cycle.  My first cycle I had 2 embryos transferred on Day 5 (12 retreived, 10 fertilized, 2 transferred, 0 frozen).  I started spotting 10 days after my transfer.  It progressively got worse, and by the time I had my blood test, I was starting my flow.

For the second cycle, I had 2 embryos transferred on Day 3 on 11/25 (7 retrieved, 4 fertilized, 2 transferred, 0 frozen).  I also started spotting on 12/5, which was 10 days after transfer.  The spotting is very mild, but I'm also experiencing some mild cramping and back pain.  I'm trying not to worry, but can't seem to break from the thought that my blood test may be negative again, due to the spotting.

I would really like to know that the slight spotting this time around is something normal and that there are plenty of pregnant women out there who have had spotting right before their blood test.
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I had my transfer on 12/01/09 and have my pregnancy test scheduled for 12/11/09 and today I started bleeding. It is both bright red and brown with clots. Is this normal or has my IVF attempt failed?? Has anyone experienced this and still been pregnant?
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This is my first attemt at IVF. I very stupidly had a tubal ligation at the age of 28. Now both my husband and I want a baby sooooo bad. I had my blastocyst transfer on 12/14/09 and was not due to have my bllod test until 12/24/09. 12/20/09 I started spotting and 12/22/09 I got what appears to be a full period. I called to DR's office and was told to go in on that day for lab work and ultrasound. Of course my Dr is on vacation for the holidays and when the ultrasound tech was reading she said it looks like a period to me. Of couse I was hysterical crying and I had to go home and wait for the call. When the nurse called she said that my HCG was 60 and that my progesterone and estrodial levels were low. I needed to go back for more labs on 12/24/09 and ultrasound. I did, however I missed the call from the office. When I called back they were already clsed for the holiday. All that was left on my VM was to come back on Monday the 28th for more lab and ultrasound and to continue my progesterone, she said " i repeat continue the progesterone" I don't know what to think> I'm sooooo scared. I want this so bad. They transfered 2 blastocyst and 2 embryo's. I never had fertility problems in the past. I am going totally crazy> Has anyone else gone through the same thing and gotten positive results? Please cooment
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had et on the 30th dec 09, had two good ones put back as im 38 years. was tols after i left clinic to go about my normal activities, but not to do anything strenuos. i have read that your supposed to have bed rest for 2 weeks?
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Hi All

Beckboo - how did you get on?

I had a transfer (2 embryos) on the 16th June and still in the 2ww.  This waiting is so hard.  I had sore breasts and cramps before but now that I am on 9 days post transfer all this seems have disappeared.  My HPT is not due until another 5 days.

Did this happen to anyone else?
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I had my transfer on 1/28, and today on 12/1 I have started to spot brown when I wipe.  This is my second IVF cycle, but 5th tranfer.  Last time I started my period 4 days before my blood test, and found that I was not pregnant.  What does it mean that I have started on day 4?
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i am on the 15day after embryo transfer ,i still have cramping am scared,is it normal,has anyone experience such,
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I just went through my FIRST ET on June 21st with 2 embryos put back into me and will be getting tested on June 30th (my birthday). On day 6 i noticed that i had a faint color pink spot when i wiped after urinating. Today is day 7 and noticed it was a light brown spot on my undies. Does anyone know or went through something like this and had a POSITIVE result? PLEASE!!! help:(
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