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hi there i had 2 embryos transfered on the 3rd due test on the 16th i started to bleed heavy to day the
14 th day is this me haveing my period or is it the linning from the womb me scared i did a test on the 10th it was negtive
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If you're taking progesterone, you shouldn't have a period but I would definitely call your re & let him or her know what's going on.
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i was on  progesterone but i got a neg result on friday and called the clince the nurse said i could stop the prog but stay on the steriods and metaformin  me wa not sure if this is a period and there no baby or if its just the drugs or if its the womb linung due to the 2embryos
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I am 42. I never even thought I had a chance. We transferred 2 good quality embryos yesterday. All I ever hear is that the odds for someone my age are terrible--but we have been blessed so far--good FSH, good sperm, good response, 7 eggs, 5 embryos (2 transferred and 3 frozen). I still can't believe any of this! I ended up in the ivf clinic because I had a bi-lateral tube-ectomy awhile back so I can't conceive naturally. I am beginning to wonder whether we are about to hit the age wall with implantation. I have never hoped for anything more than the success of this processAny thoughts?
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I wish you all the luck in the world I am 38 i had four eggs 3 respon and on implant day 2had got to the 4 cell stage they where transferred on the 3rd and  i was feeling sick and happy then on friday was felling funny sat spotting sun full blow bleed and today clin told me i have lost them take a break and try again in jan 08 i was gutted but they told me still do test tomorrow or when bleed stops as you never no !!!!! i am still feeling sick so how no"s I was the same i never  hoped for any thing more than this  i will not give up and let the age thing beat me!!!! so i say well done to you at 42 you go girl !!!! let me now how you get on the tww is hard it the hardest think i have ever done you seem to have luck on your side
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Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate being able to talk to others who know what the stress is like. One thing I know for sure is that if these two embryos don't make it they were not meant to---in other words, there was something not right with them. Anyway, I am in the situation where if I get any bleeding from implantation it's going to be close to the same time I should have gotten my period, so it's going to freak me out. But, it'll also be the day I go get the test. It sounds like you will be able to make more eggs if you need them. I wish you the very best!
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hi hope you are ok today and feeling fine, i was feeling rather sick so me still not sure if thats the drugs stil in my system, my nurse said i should do another test on just to makesure  so we will see but i am praying your tww goes quick and you get the result you want let me now !!! i am here if you want to chat  
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