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Okay I have been exclusively breastfeeding until about 4 months when i gave my son babyfood twice a day but the rest of they day i breastfed so i got my period last month but nothing this month i am a over a month late could i be pregnant i do have unprotected sex with my husband we dont really mind if there really close behind each other but i just want to understand how this works this month i didnt get my period but i am having back aches and low stomach soreness but nothing,also my 1st period i got back was long but no cramps at all and i usually have bad cramps, anyone elese have this problem? cant really tell about the nipple soreness because my son kind of pulls on that so i cant tell if thats were the sorness is coming from, but i dont know what its is also how fertile are you after you have your baby like how long is the very fertile process
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it is definitely possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding.

However, it is also possible that your periods are not regular yet.

Considering you are a month late, you should take a home pregnancy test as it should be accurate by now.

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most women who breast feed don't start ovulating for about 6 months, but some start earlier and some start later.
the only way to know is to test.
and i thought you were not supposed to start solids until 6 months of age (according to my pediatrician anyhow...)
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well they say 4-6 months my pedi said 6 months to its just in case they have allegric reactions but my baby is perfectly fine and the pedi said its ok  that i have started him on solids
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