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can a zero sperm count be reversed???

My husband was diagnosed with a zero sperm count. We really want a baby. Can this diagnosis be reversed, with meds or something else other than surgery that's not going to take a morgage on our house???
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Yes and no. It all depends on what the cause of the azoospermia. My husband was diagnosed with a zero sperm count about a year ago. This is known as azoospermia. After the first test came back at zero my OB/GYN sent my husband to a urologist. The urologist repeated the test (and did a lot of bloodwork) to make sure that the first one wasn't a fluke. It too, came back zero sperm count. My OB/GYN had sent us to the urologist with the hope that the azoospermia was being caused to due to obstruction. If there is no sperm due to an obstruction which is not letting the sperm get to where it needs to go or killing the sperm (varacocle vein, etc...) then, our OB/GYN said that it often times (not always but often) can be reversed with surgery. I also read something online while I was checking all of this out about retrograde ejaculation, in which case the sperm is being ejaculated into the bladder instead of where it's supposed to go. I'm not sure what is done in that case to fix the problem. In my husband's case the urologist told us that it would be a waste of our time and money to continue to try to have my husband be the biological father of the child. I don't say this to scare or discourage or upset you. I say this to make the case that your husband should really see a urologist to find out what the underlying cause of the azoospermia might be. In my husband's case we found out it was because he is an xxy male (oddly enough his testosterone is normal and he is very masculine so we would never have guessed this, but then hey, that's why we're not doctors :)  ). But, because of this genetic issue he cannot father a child biologically speaking and we are having to try to conceive using a donor (which is something that I litterally ran screaming and crying from when it was first suggested but now I have made peace with). I really don't know about the cost of surgery because obviously we didn't get that far. However, I would definitely check into my husband seeing a urologist (think OB/GYN type of doctor for a male is pretty much what a urologist does for men), and then if surgery is what's recommended then I would call my insurance company and see what they cover. If it's a varococle vein then I do know that their are a few ladies on this site who are dealing with that same issue as well and trying to make the decision to go through surgery or not. I hope this helps. Please don't get discouraged. I know it's tough but it's really better knowing that not knowing. At least that's how I feel. When we found out that my husband had azoospermia I was upset, when we found out it wasn't "fixable" so to speak, I was devestated. When we found out the real cause (the xxy factor) I was still disappointed but at least I could come to terms with it. I hope I've helped. Please let me know if you would like to chat some more about this. Good Luck!
Thanks Nat256. That's my situation too. Was upset earlier. I love my husband and I will stand by him. No need wasting money for surgery. Will likely go for adoption.
This post being from 2009 technology has since advanced dramatically in this area.  My husband has also been diagnosed with  azoospermia with 0 sperm count.  In the past few years ICSI and new freezing techniques mixed with IVF have extremely high success rates for treating this condition.  If this is what is causing your infertility I would definitely talk to your doctor about these options.  Our doctor said that basically if a man has his own testes then there is no reason (not that there isn't an exception somewhere in the world) that he could not father a child if you are willing to put in the work and cost for procedures.  Anyway hope this helps!
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I am sorry to hear that as all to familr with me, My husband was 24 and we had went through my OB and we had did 3-test and he also has 0 sperm count he had went to a urologist who wanted to suck out money from us and they wanted him to have surgery and cut open his sac, which he wasnt having that and they had said even doing that we still would of not been able to. We had went through a fertility doctor and she had suggested Sperm Donor, we talked it over with family and ourselves and realized we wanted a child but only way is to do this, Adoption is way to expensive and not even guarateed, my tests came back good and been going  through fertility for a year now been pregnanct twice as all ended in Miscarriages. Its tough b ut its something you can consider and get comfortable with it as I was really uneasy about it but soon to know that they match ip with blood type and almost the same as your husband, Its tough and my husband is bummed about not been able to conceive to carry on his genes but we had accepted going this route as a way of conceiving. Best of luck to you and you may want to ask if your husband is ok with it as its a couple decision.
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yes i have same issue i have sperm count zero to i have no idea what to doo plsa call me 4435702533 or e- mail ***@**** and live usa pasadena md  if u have any comment call me  thanks
I live near your area and can tell you who my husband saw. PM me if you would like the info. The doctor he saw was in century city and is a infertility urologist.
Best of luck to you
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My son in law had a zero sperm count they did surgery and find live sperm in the tissue with that sperm and ivf my daughter and her husband are the proud parents of 3 month old triplet daughters they are ways don't give up
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I was also diagnosed with a zero sperm count.  urologist wants a biop of my testis to see if there is sperm in there,not ready for that yet but ill try if all else fails.  I have had digestive problems my whole life and have been to several doctors and they never could find out what my problem was,  turns out that I have been allergic to gluten(celiac disease)  turns out that this disease can cause zero sperm count because the disease renders my small intestine useless there for my body has not been absorbing the nutrients to make sperm.  I feel so much better and I am putting on weight my color is better and I look healthy for the first time in my life,  my wife and i will have a baby,  i will let you know if it happens.  
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Hi Dideann, first let say congrats to your daughter triplets, i have read your blog and my eyes filled with tears, tears of joy for your daughter who has now giving me so much hope due to the fact that i am suppose to do the ivr too, in which my Dr. is given me a 40-50% chance and i was so down on hearing that news. I am now 100% positive that my ivr is going to be ok GOD'S willing.........Thanks much.....can't wait to hear from you.
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