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can i get baby or not?

Dear Sir,

i’m 29 old male mentioned below my semen analysis. please let me know whether it is normal or not? if abnormal how to increase the sperm..? i’m also smoker regular weekly twice drinks. please advice me for the diet.

can i get baby or not?

Colour : Greyish white
volume : 3.0 ml
Viscosity : Moderately Viscous
Reaction : Alkaline 8.5
Liquefication Time : completed with in 30 MTS
Active -2%
NP -8%
NM -65%
Total Count : 45.8 million/cc
Morphology :Few sperms are having pinheads
PUS cells :6-10PUS Cells HPF

Please sir answer it as soon as possible. I will be so great full to you.
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The presence of 6-8 leucocytes may indicate presence of infection. Leukocytospermia is usually the result of a genital tract infection. STDs, particularly chlamydia and gonorrhea and other genital tract infections may cause an increase in white blood cells .These white blood cells can cause the oxidation of cells damaging their ability to fertilize an egg. Normal motility is more than 50% of the sperm show normal forward movement after 1 hour. Pin head or microcephalic sperm are sperm formed without incorporating DNA into their sperm head. Some abnormal sperm are usually found in normal semen sample. A high percentage of abnormal sperm may affect fertility. See a doctor and get treated. I hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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Dear Dr.

Thanks for your early reply. i'm not understand

1.i infected with STD?
2. please let me know i've any problem as per the test report?
3.if problem whether it can treated?
4.can i get my own child?

Please sir answer it as soon as possible. I will be so great full to you.
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