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Hi I am 39 year old mother of one beautiful 14 year old girl. I took a pregnancy test recently, an HPT and 2 lines, youpii! Then i went to my own doctor did a urine sample they use the same "stick" and then insert it into a machine that prints a readout stating "pos" or "Neg" in regards to HCG. When the stick came back out it had 2 lines on it as well youpii, BUT the read out said NEG for HCG!!  Can some one for the love of GOD explain this if you can!??  I am not taking fertility drugs, been there done that, hubby had a vasectomy reversal trying the old fashion way! AM I PREGNANT OR NOT???  Thanks  for any and all scenarios at this point!!
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Hey there thanks for the reply...my doc told me to wait a week and then test again....i took another one today at around noon (not first. morning urine). And neg :-(. My boobs are bigger and i am not as tired as i was a week ago like i was sleeping 3-4 hours in the middle of the day...so i will wait it out for now....
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IF you p o a s  and it was + then i would say yes u are. did your Dr. do a blood test? If not then why not?

U got 2 lines both times then that means that u are pregnant. it doesn't just change for no reason.
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