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could it be possible for me to be pregnant after 8 years of having a Tubal Ligation?

I am a 32 year old mother of 2 wonderful kids a boy who is 9 and a girl who is 8. After having my little girl who was premature weighing only 3 pounds 10 ounces my husband and I decided that I should get my tubes tide. Well to make a long story short after the birth of my daughter I asked the doctor over and over about tying my tubes before I left the hospital ( I was only 23 then) he didn't want to perform the surgery because of my age. But because we insisted on the operation the surgery was completed. I have had some missed periods throughout the years but this year I have had some crazy irregular cycles and I am not sure why. I went the whole month of July without my cycle august 25th is when I finally got it. But after that and it is now October 20th I have not had a cycle. I have been experiencing the cycle symptoms such as sore breast, cramping, mood swings, frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate :( I am wondering at this time could it be possible for me to be pregnant after 8 years of having a Tubal Ligation?
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Yes it is possible that your tubes have untide and you are now pregnant. Take a hpt to be safe. If it comes up positive go to the doctor and make sure. Even when a man gets a vasectomy the tube can heal and you can still get pregnant. They have perment birth control now. They insert the devices in your felopen tubes. They are two types I know of. The first looks like a small white cork and the over looks like a little metal spring.  When incerted in to the felopen tubes the tissue will start to grow and fuse with it.  If you are pregnant and don't want anymore children I would ask your doctor about perment birth control. I hope this helps.
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