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does felopio have side effects

I have blocked Fallopian tubes and i really want to unblock in a natural way. So i found a website selling tampon which is called felopio. The website is: www.felopio.com. I am wondering if this kind of tampon will have any side effects.
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I can only say that I wish you well.  I would be cautious in investing any $$ in something not Dr. or even Naturopath recommended.  That being said, I certainly am open minded and I wish you well.  
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I have never heard of this, but I do know that there is no "natural" way to unblock fallopian tubes.   You can have surgery however to try to unblock them.  But if there were some natural way to do, Drs would be recommending!   I am curious and am going to chekc out this website.  
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I just checked out the website.  I would be skeptical and find out what the active ingredient that is used.  
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Well your guess might as be right as mine. though am thinking of placing some orders, im worried at any side effect, contra-indication(if any), the active ingredients,etc it contains, i hope someone wil be able to put us RIGHT or WRONG, fingers  crossed
Hi! Did you try felopio? Did it work?
Using it now. Slight irritation after 4 days of use
Hi MoBlaaa, how is it going?  Are you still using it?
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Am worried also, it will do no good if you try to unblock your fallopian tube and end up causing another problem to your self. Can some who has tried this drug tell us if there is a side effect or not.
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Did you try it finally? Please let me know as if it works, that it clears the tubes without damages them or anything else, I would also like to give it a try
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i used felopio kit some months ago though my gnae said it improved as a result of the flushing but still insisted i go for ivf
Did it work?
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do you recommend to use this product? Pls advice
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Hi, I am planning on buying this product. What are your suggestions please? Do you think it is worth it?
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Have you heard of the product Felopio?It is a natural way of unblocking your tubes. I am 37 year old and have blocked tubes and fibroids. I want to try this product but have my doubts and questions.  My doctor has referred me to an IVF clinic. I dont want to use Felopio and have anything else to happen to me for using this product. Have you heard if it? And if so please guide me in the right direction.
I haven’t hear of that product. Honestly, I don’t think something done at home will unblock your tubes. You need to have your doctor order an HSG and someone needs to evaluate your fibroids before becoming pregnant. A reproductive Endocrinologist can take care of these things for you and answer any questions/ help you become pregnant. That is what they specialize in. Best of luck to you!
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