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early pregnancy tests.com

Has anyone used the urine test strips from early pregnancy tests.com?  How soon did you get a BFP?  I am 3 dpo today and I have ordered them last month.  I went on the website today and it says that you can get a BFP as early as 7dpo.  
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They are supposed to be one of the most sensitive tests on the market and they are very affordable.  I have ordered both the OPK and HPT's from them and I can't speak to the accuracy of the HPT's since I haven't gotten a + yet, but I've used the OPK's for a long time and they work great.  Good luck to you!
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Good luck to you too.  I will keep my fingers crossed for you and for me -- LOL.  I know they were so cheap so I guess I will go crazy and start testing on Friday which puts me 7dpo.  and see what happens.  Keep me posted with you.
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An hpt can only give you a bfp after implantation. Implantation can occur anywhere from 5dpo up to around 13 or 14dpo. If the embryo hasn't implanted, no hpt on the market could tell you that you are pregnant. So their statement "as early as 7dpo" only is true if implant happened on 5 or 6dpo. That doesn't happen too often. 80% of all implants happen 8-10dpo.

I have bought their opks and hpts. They are pretty good, but do have evap lines sometimes.  Good luck :)
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I got a very very very light positive on one of the freebies at 11 dpo at night w/pretty diluted pee (sorry tmi)! It's takes a little time to come up, I've noticed. At 11 DPO i tried one, and didn't see anything. I walked away for 5 minutes and walked back in the bathroom to get a tissue and saw a second faint line. The next morning I got a positive on my digital $$ one.
They seem sensitive but I wouldn't use one that early. Wait until at least 10 dpo. Good luck!! SSBD!
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