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endometiosis, lupron depot and infertility

I have had pelvic pain for several years. As a teen I was put on birthcontrol for heavy irregular periods. I was too irresponsible to remember to take the pill so I went on depo provera for about 7 years. Then I got off birthconrol, and had flashes of INTENSE pelvic pain that lasted at most a few seconds but were similar to that of the pain that I get from penetration that is too deep... It's kind of like what I would imagine getting your cervix ripped out would feel like. Anyway in December of 07 the seconds of pain turned into hours and days and I gave up and went to the hospital. I had an ultrasound and a tv ultrasound and they said i had fluid on the back of my uterus, said maybe i had endo and to get back on BC to help. My doctor gave me tramadol and sent me home. A year later and still in pain, my doc refered me to an obgyn and this doc does another 2 ultrasounds, says I have a cyst, but that it's endo that's causing my pain. I have surgery scheduled for March 17 and he wants to put me on lupron depot right after. I have read nightmare after nightmare about this medication.  I got engaged on Feb 2nd, and want to live the dream and have a baby.  What do I do? I am really scared of lupron and have heard about infertility problems associated with it, but then i see it's used for fertility so please if anyone could shed some light on the subject?
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gosh this is a toughie!   Sorry to hear about everything first of all.. i have severe endo.. no real symptoms except infertility and spotting, they found a 7cm endometrioma cyst on my ovary over a year ago.. the dr operated and removed that, along with most of that ovary -so that side doesn't work anymore :(   anyhow, she said that i was the worst case she had ever seen! UGH! not something you want to hear! i was pretty devastated, since we had already been trying for a family for over a year.. she wanted me to go on lupron as well.. i did a TON of research, and she really pushed the drug.. however it is a personal choice.. i have heard good stories, where people get pregnant shortly after, and others where it doesn't' make a difference...When it came down to it i declined the lupron, and instead rushed to a fertility doctor.. He said that if pain is an issue, then lupron can help with the pain, however its debatable if it helps improve fertility.. In my mind i thought it would just delay what we have already been trying for for so long, so we just did fertility treatments.. which have been successful! My surgeon didn't even "burn" off or remove any endometriosis since it was just everywhere she said.. and we have still had luck getting pregnant.. One thing i did (who knows if it helps or not!) is a wheat free, or decreased wheat diet.. they are thinking that wheat might cause some immune reaction with endo, making it more inflammed and worse.. GOOD LUCK! let me know if you have any questions!
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