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erratic HCG - not doubling

Hello - i am hoping for some advice - I have recently had IVF and 7 days after a 2 day tubal transfer I got my Beta results:

25th August - 6.7
27th August - 48
31st August - 180
5th September - 335
6th September - 551

My clinic did a scan yesterday and they thought they could see a sack but it was small and since my HCG is so low they wouldn't really be able to see it anyway - i am really worried since my numbers between 31st and 5th didn't even double - but then they nearly doubled in 24hrs - can anyone give me some advice - i am going mad her and am preparing myself for the worst but hoping for the best - i have another test tomorrow where my Dr said they would decide whether or not to continue with my meds - I will be heartbroken - has anyone had anything similar and had a positive outcome? thank you so much - in dire need of some support at the moment -i am very scared!
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Hey - they put 3 embryos in - i just had another scan - at 6w1d and they can see the sac, yolk and fetal pole but no heart beat - I have to go back again on sunday but my HCG is still quite low (a few days ago it was 2700) and they told me that there is only a very small chance that it will survive, looks like it will be a miscarraige!!! am mortified!
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How many embryos did they transfer?  If more than one, you might have had more than one begin, and then only one continue.  That can explain flukey numbers.
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When i was last pregnant i was told of the early pregnancy nurse that they like to see numbers go up by 50-70% in 48hrs and for them to double within 72, Yours seem to be doing this soo far! I wouldnt at all rule out a healthy/sucessful pregnancy just yet.
I hope you get the best possible outcome!! My thoughts are with you!! Good luck!!
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Your number are at least going in the right direction. I've seen stories on here of ladies that had there numbers go up slowly then out of no where to jump up.
Good luck hun!
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