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failed donor egg cycle

2010 - 2 IVF's with own eggs both implanted and had chemical miscarriage. Last month proceeded to DE cycle and failed completely. I respond very well to meds, all hormone levels are normal through process. I am 43, husband 48 we are both in good health. Are there many failed DE cycles???
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Hi, I'm sorry you didn't succeed.  My dh and I actually had a failed cycle(s) with a known donor.  We found out through 2 other RE's that the 1st RE had actually not retreived the eggs soon enough, making them much weaker.  So, yep, it happens. : (  
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I've had one successful donor egg cycle and one failed cycle, with the same donor.  Our next donor, we had a chemical pregnancy, and there is one embryo left from that donor.
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Thank you for responding to me and I am sorry to hear that you also had a failed cycle. My question to you is : are you still trying with another doctor and another donor?
And what is your age? I so much appreciate you sharing this with me!
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It sounds like to me that these donor eggs are not miracle eggs. Although the chances of getting pregnant are higher......30% to 40% are not successful.
Was the successful cycle a fresh one or frozen? How many did you transfer? and how old are you. Thank you for sharing. All this info is precious to me, I don't have anyone to share this with but my DH.
I did a fresh 2 DE transfer that failed and we have 7 frozen.
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No prob! : )  We are still plugging away : )   We are actually getting ready to use donor embryos.  (some wonderful person on here donated them to us, you can read my journal called "our next step" to get the full scoop :)    
You can't give up.  It's just not an option.
We are hoping to do a transfer by the end of June

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OH, and btw.... I am 44 : (
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So Sorry to hear that your cycle didnt work out.  Don't give up!!

I am 39 & did first donor cycle in Feb of this year.  We transfered 2 embyros grade AA blast & now pregnant with TWINS.  I have 11 frozen embryos.  We did a single cycle not shared.
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Thank you for your thoughts! Again I am 43 and did a fresh donor egg cycle with great eggs, transfered 2 embryos. We did a single cycle paid 30K .......and no success.
We did not expect this, we really thought these we're miracle eggs. Considering I got pregnant last year with 2 ivf"s, got pregnant both times but had chemical miscarriage.
We have 7 frozen embryos.
What should we do? I just feel hopeless.
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I am 40 and I had a failed donor cycle last Jan just before I turned 40.
We transferred 3 eggs (looked good) but we have none to freeze out of the 13 eggs retrieved from the donor.
The doctor blamed my DH's sperm for the failure so he has taken some meds and we are having another cycle in June (different donor).
There are no guarantees it seems but we are going to go through another cycle hoping for a different result. I never got pregnant in my life before and I have a big fibroid in my uterus but the doctor does not recommend surgery for it.

I wish you luck xxxx
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though i dont have any great suggestion for you; i just hope it works for you soon. my first ivf got cancelled yesterday; i am 33 and i dont respond to meds.
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hello, and thanks for your input. We don't have a sperm issue. As a matter of fact I got pregnant last year with my own eggs and husband's sperm, both times we tried and had chemical miscarriage. So donor eggs sounded very promising,because Dr. blamed quality of eggs which makes sense being that I am 43. Transfered 2 great eggs and .......nothing not even a positive test. The donor is in great health and 23yrs old. We have 7 eggs frozen. I just still cannot believe it. There are no guarantees. I am so worried for next time with frozen eggs.
How successful have others been with frozen cycles? I am afraid to ask. Can someone shed some light on this.
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I actually got preggers on my first FET, but unfortunately m/c'd.  BUT, I can tell you, tons of ladies on here have had successful FETs!  Don't give up!  This is going to work for you!  You have great strong frozen embies waiting on you : )   You will be successful! No doubts!!!
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I got pregnant with twins from a fresh DE cycle. Gave birth prematurely and they did not survive (this is the biggest risk factor with twins, which is why I can't understand why so many people wish for them). We had 4 frozen embies from that same cycle. Transferred 2 and had a chemical pregnancy. Transferred the last 2, and I am sitting here now with my 5 month old daughter. She is the best gift in the world and worth every difficult moment. Stick with it. Oh--and I am 42 now.
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Thank you soooooo much!! You can't imagine what comfort this gives me.
I am sorry to hear that it had to take so many times but you have now a beautiful daughter!
I have to stick with it and hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I will keep everyone posted. Please, please stay in touch.
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Thank you for all your support. Let's stay in touch.
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Your welcome!  That's what we're here for! Support! : )  You can find us anytime.... lurking around on the board : )
Let me know when you decide to go for your fet....
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it was great to know your story i just had m/c it was chemical pregnancy it was DE cycle i was feeling so sad.. but after listing to you gives me so much hope that i will try again
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Hi I live in North Africa so I went to India to get IVF with donor eggs. I transferred 6 2-day embryos. The egg donor was 23 years old and I thought I had a great chance of success,but it failed.This has just happened and i feel devastated not only from this traumatic even but also for all the money spent. Please tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel,I am feeling so depressed because of this as I thought I would have a great chance of being pregnant.BTW I've just turned 48.
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I have now failed two IVF's with donor eggs from the best clinic in the country, CCRM.  We have no more embryo's left and I am now faced with accepting I will never be a mother & never be pregnant.  While I am appreciative that we had the opportunity to try, it is unbelievable to me that it didn't work, since the quickest assumption when our other three IVF's didn't work is because of the quality of my eggs. (Oh, add to that two IUI's)  These embryo's were excellent quality too.  And the clinic insisted we have surgery to correct the shape of my uterus.  So if you are doing your math and calculating the whole deal, make sure you add the travel, rental car, hotel, and missed work.  

Why don't we consider adoption you ask? (Which I can't believe anyone in our boats would be insensitive to ask that) Because I can't (our marriage can't) handle any more rejection and failure.  I can't put my future in the hands of a 16 year old who may or may not pick us based on some obscure requirement in her mind.  Or God forbid, may or may not decide to keep it at the last minute when we've thought FINALLY we are getting to be parents.  NOPE, can't handle it.  I would not consider myself a weak person by any means but sometimes our hearts and hopes can only take so much.

Sorry to go on, but it's fresh.  Blood test was Saturday and I am still in a state of shock and waking up in the middle of the night to the truth and not able to get back to sleep.  Thanks for listening and I am so sorry for all of your losses.  Ain't fair is it?
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I am sorry to hear about your situation.  That really blows!! Did ccrm have any answers as to what happened??  You said you,had surgery to correct the shape of your uterus?  What kind of surgery was that?  

I hope you don't give up on your dream.  I know how down you can get, I have been there.  As you see from above.  I hope you don't give up.
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I feel your pain.

I once read an article that said that experiencing infertility is like being on an island. It seems everyone around you keeps catching the ferry called "motherhood" off the island, but you continue to be stuck on it. Those on the ferry are lucky and those who got to go on the ferry "by accident" or "after the first try" have no idea what it's like to be missing the boat every time. They ask questions like, "Have you thought of adoption?" or "Lots of people don't have kids, have you considered that?". They say things like, "Just relax and it will happen" or "just get drunk - it worked for us!" Not seeming to realize that they break our hearts a little more than they have been broken already by these insensitive responses to our situation.

We haven't done donor eggs yet, but we are considering it. We're just not sure we can go through it. We've been trying for 8 years to conceive. First we were told my husband had a sperm count of zero. After a painful biopsy, they found that his sperm were not "mature" and could not produce a child. He tried acupuncture for a year with no result. I was apparently "fine", so after tears and much soul searching, we decided to try a donor sperm. We did the home insemination program. No result. Then a few rounds of IUI. Nothing. Then, finally, IVF. I didn't respond very well to the meds, but the result was 3 "perfect" embryos. Fresh transfer of first two, nothing. FET = nothing. Saved up money, again to try one more time. Only produced 2 eggs this time and they both died and wouldn't fertilize. Doctor says my best option is using a donor egg (and, ofcourse, donor sperm).

Now the struggle is, after spending over $30,000 already, with NOTHING in our bank and our life savings totally gone, do we spend the next $20,000++ for another "MAYBE"? Can we go through this again?

I know nobody can answer this but us...but sometimes it helps to share the pain.

Thanks for listening.
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Sailing with you on the same boat here. 3 OWN egg cycles failed and 1 donor egg cycle failed recently. There are 2 embryos left, but am not sure of the success. It s a million dollar question why would a donor egg also fail?? when uterus and wall are fine.

Kellykira - well said island and infertility comparison, sometimes it does feel like i may remain on nobaby island forever.
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Ladies, I swore I would be stranded on nobaby island forever, but I never gave up, and now have 3 month old twins.  We ended up using donor embryos,and finally achieved our dreams.  Please, don't give up!!!!
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I know all to well what that island feels like.  I know what it feels like to spend all that money and come away empty handed.  That dreaded AF had come again.  BUT I also know what it is like to find success.  I went through everything starting from IUI then moved up to IVF then finally went the DE route.  Had a total of 7 eggs take, transferred two and had one beautiful son.  

You are the only ones that can make that choice whether or not to repeat that next step again, only you will know when you have had enough.  My thoughts are with you but like mhv said don't give up.  I would love to see everyone here achieve their dreams of having a family.
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