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how can i can get pregnant?
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The best thing to do is have sex around the time that you're most fertile. If you have regular cycles then it's 12-16 days or so before the next menstrual cycle. You make want to also begin checking your cervical fluid because that correlates with fertility. Begin tracking this info and know when you ovulate and have sex around that time. I hope this helps. Good luck!
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I would use an ovulation predictor kit. They are inexpensive and will tell you when the best time to baby dance is.
Good luck to you!
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Or you could try and start a bbt chart
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thank you i will try that
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what does that do i never heard about that.Thank u for ur advice i appreciate i been tryin to get pregnant sence i was 18 and wasnt happend at all i am now 20 goin to b 21 and i want to have a baby i am ready
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thank u very much for ur advice i appreciate it
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No problem. More than anything try not to stress about it becuase that doesn't help! I know that's tough to do when you want a baby, but really try not to stress. Good Luck!
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It is tough becuz i wanted a baby sence i was 18 im tryin not to stress out and i might have PCOS so i hope that not y i cant get pregnant and thank you very much i wish the best of luck to u to.... :)
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Okay I had sex on the last day of ovulation. .. he nutted on the out side I no that sperm doesnt die when it hits air.... Could I be prego
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