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can anybody tell me how many and what a good size follicle is. I had an U/S today that showed 2 Follies one measuring at 19x16 and the other @ 17x13 both on the left ovary. There are other ones smaller measuring less than 12 so they didnt count them.

But i would just like something to compare too...
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As far as how many, it only takes one! I believe that anything over 15 is considered mature, and in the low 20's is great.   At my last ultrasound I had 3 follies,  one way 22mm, one was 17mm, adn one was 14mm.   Remember that they grow about 1-2 mm a day, so depending on when you ovulate they will be a little bigger.  So, it sounds like you are on track to ovulate 2 eggs, congratulations!  DO you know when you should ovulate, are you taking a trigger?
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I just had a sonogram earlier today, and I also had two follicles...one at 18 and another one at 18.5. My RE wants me to do the trigger shot tonight. From what I've read, anything over 18 is considered mature. Good luck!
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i am doing the trigger tomorrow! they want me to wait an extra day.....
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They like to see anything over 18 for a trigger...mine is waiting for 22mm this cycle before giving me a trigger. I will go tomorrow for a sonogram to find out.
Your follis are averaging 17.5 and 15mm and thus they have asked you to wait another day coz they are hoping the follicles will grow over 18 by then. Good luck
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Follicles grow 2-3 mm per day.  So, if you trigger tomorrow by the time you O your follicles will be around 20.

good luck!!
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