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getting pregnant

I thought getting pregnant was easy ? My fiance and I have had sex everyday and nothing yet , don't u get pregnant by sperm ? Does that mean I can't get pregnant ..
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Hi there

Agree with the ladies above - and I don't mean this to sound hard but 3-4 months is nothing.  It really is a complete miracle to get pregnant when you know the ins and outs of what it actually takes each month for a pregnancy to happen as there as so many things that can get in the way.

Do some research online like BeckynRyan suggested, and there are poss a couple of tests you could have now but most clinics like to wait a year before testing.  

A 32 day cycle is not too bad at all bleeding for 5-6 days is normal so at least all that points in your favour.  There may be nothing at all preventing you from getting pregnant....apart from time.  You need to be patient (I know it's hard...we tried for almost 3.5 years!!!) as it really is hit or miss as to whether you will fall pregnant each month.  A normal healthy couple can take up to 1 year to conceive.

Good luck.
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As long as you are getting your period you are most likely ovulating so you do have a chance of getting pregnant. It may help to visit your doctor and get some advice on the best ways for you to get pregnant. Even doing some more research online could help. Good luck :)
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We have been trying for about 3-4months now and nothing , I think my periods are irregular but they last like 5-6days and its around a 32day cycle. So that doesn't mean that I can't get pregnant ?
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No that does not mean you can't get pregnant.  How long have you been trying?  Some people get pregnant right away, others take more time.  Do you have regular cycles?  If so, how long are your cycles typically?
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