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good news? bad news?

I have been on the pill for about 7 years now because I've always had trouble with my periods.
Neither myself or my husband want kids.  But every month I find myself  getting all paranoid about being pregnant because you know there's always that chance.
But his semen is, for last of a better word, chunky...it almost seems as if the actual sperm and seminal fluid are separated and it ends up being this like clear fluid with white chunks in it and the chunks are the sperm but I don't even think he is fertile the way it looks but then again a lot of people say that chunky seme is normal and kind of common.  I've been looking for info and answers but so far not much.......do you think he's fertile?  Should I still be worrying even if he IS?
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He may have an infection or have a hormone deficiency.
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it's not an infection...it's been like that forever.
But the hormone thing would kind of make sense.  He did have some kind of chemical imbalance in his head because he's always struggled with anxiety and depression, although especially in the last year he hasn't had a problem even with that and he's not on medication.
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