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green tea??

hi, me and my DH were TTC for the last 4 months with no luck. I even used pre-seed lub. didnt work for me on the 1st month. However, i heard about  drinking green tea can help when you are TTC. what is your thought on this? does anyone tried green tea? does it work? please let me know. Thank you for your inputs:)
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I haven't heard that green tea helps with TTC. I have heard you need watch your intake with green tea while pregnant due to the antioxidants. Sorry I'm no help.
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I actually heard that green tea is not a great idea. I TTC for 8 months before resorting to IVF and drastically tried to cut down my caffiene intake during that time. I was advised by my acupuncturist to drink black or red tea only and not that much of it.

Honestly though I don't think any of this makes a huge difference. I tried everything and nothing worked for me, I am a healthy 31 year old who was eventually diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility'.

My best advice is to used timed intercourse for awhile and if that doesn't work see a reproductive endcrinologist. TTC is maddening at times when it fails to work so hang in there and try to be calm about it.

I wish you much luck.
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I've just read about a herbal tea called female toner. I think I might give this a try this month it seems safe enough. I hope this helps.

Female Toner® supports female systems* by combining herbs to support healthy menstruation, purify blood and to strengthen and tone the uterus.* Female Toner® uses a tonic approach to women’s health and is based on the traditional use of raspberry and strawberry leaf with nettle and other complementary herbs to ease the difficulties of balancing female cycles. It’s a pleasant blend of herbal tastes– slightly bitter and astringent with citrus and mint.
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Its ok .. No prob. Thankx for your thoughts:)
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im sorry to hear your diagnosis. Hope everything will be fine one day. Thankx for sharing your thoughts. I drank green iced tea last summer time/ was ok, but now as you said i will wait for the time. and lets see/ i am going to see the dr in few weeks. so tht's also a relief.
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wow! i never heard of herbal female toner before. Please let me know how it works on you. I will keep your tips in my mind. Thankx for sharing your thoughts. n' Good Luck to You :) SSBD :)
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I also thought this im a big coffee drinker and thought green tea might help i posted this on the 18-34 forum and a few ladies have commented on that post saying not to as it blocks folic acid...i dont know how true this is but i read its great for boosting motabolism..
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Check out babyhopes.com i just ordered fertility kit which invludes a fertily teablend, pills and pt..im starting this month so ill keep u posted
Good luck
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I got myself off the caffeine kick too and found my love for black tea. I thought I hated tea and now it’s my new coffee for work. I think it’s a just a moderation trick. I drink at least two cups a day of black and sometimes green tea. All I have to say I'm proud of myself to kick the bucket to something I was addicted to and what was assisting me gain so much weight.
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