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gym during 2ww??

Hi ladies!

Quick question..is it ok to go to the gym during my 2ww?  I usually work out around 4 times a week, do some tredmill for about 45 min. Can I continue doing that or should I just relax for possible implantation..??  My dh is giving me a hard time because he's going to the gym alone these days!  And I feel lazy for not going but I don't want to risk it.  Any input?
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i was also wondering the same thing.  last month i went to the gym but did not do a full workout like i usually do and tried not to do any equipment that would put strain on me.   i also would love to know if this is ok
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well i am in my tww and i do nothing!!  i just get soooo scared...i walk and that is about it.  that is just what makes me feel comfortable though...:)
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i think u are supposed to not do any excerise. that is what my RE told me. its best to ask. every place is different. good luck!!
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heck I'm so paranoid now all i do is sit and wait...lol... and I am long beyond my 2ww..lol.. but my sister in law runs 6 miles a day and has done so since before she ever got pregnant this time, nothing holds her down. I would ask though.
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Walking is okay  and great for you!!  I wouldn't run though.
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Ah girl you crack me up! lol   Since I've been ttc for 8 months with no success ...I don't want to risk it. I went once last week but when I went to do my abs, I couldn't, I had a pain in my lower abdomen.. (I was close to ovulation) so I stopped. I didn't go back since then. Before last week, I'd been on a 2 month break.. My dh doesn't want me to quit working out but..I'm scared that it could hurt my chances you know. He says it's an excuse..  Men just DON'T understand!!!
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Well go to the gym and just walk around... before going home mist your shirt a little with some water...tell him you had an excellent workout!! hehehe
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LOL  Well that would work just fine but we always go together...  But that's a great idea otherwise!
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well snapper! Go early and try that...lol
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Hi!  I actually just started back at the gym and while this may sound funny, I think it's the best thing I can be doing!  I don't work out crazy hard (and if I get a 'stitch' or pinch in my side, I do stop whatever I am doing at the time) but the way that I see it is that it relieves some of my stress from the baby thing and my job and that HAS to be a good thing, but also, if it's a healthy pregnancy - this won't hurt it and if it's not a healthy one, then I wouldn't want to go thru the agony of another mc anyway!  I know that they (whoever 'they' are) do say that you shouldn't START a strenous workout routine once you become pregnant, but if you have always done it - you can continue...I just wouldn't over do it as they say extreme over-exercise can affect the menstrual cycle....

Hope some of this helps!!
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I was told to continue my normal routine but don't start anything new - that was during my 1 round of Clomid.  Basically, my RE just didn't want me to make any drastic changes - but honestly, I know we are all paranoid, but if normal exercise is going to impact implantation or anything else that early on we wouldn't ever be allowed to do anything but lay in bed!  Just live your normal life - as close to normal as you can can and don't obsess (I know...pot calling the kettle black on that comment from me...Mrs. Obsessive....) and try to relax!!  We can't lay in bed perfectly still from ttw to birth - so just be reasonable.....
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I guess you ladies are right..can't stop living right?!
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Hi. My RE tells me ABSOLUTELY NO excercise and not even to lift the laundry detergent jug and such...however, I'm doing IVF so if you're tcc naturally maybe it's not as bad.
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I was working out (light weights, cardio) a few times a week until I found out I was preg with DS and then I layed off completely.  I just started to return to the gym and my DS is 2 1/2 years old!  It's good to work out and get into a healthy weight before getting pregnant.  Now, during my TWW I just go a little lighter on the weights and easier on the cardio.  Like aslchick said...if you were working out before becoming pregnant it should be fine to continue but don't start a new program while pregnant.  So go hit the gym with the hubby and then have some hot sweaty BDing afterwards!
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I was thinking about the same thing - I normally do my pilates and power yoga before ovulation and I also do fertility yoga at least twice. But once I hit the crazy 2kws period - I only do yoga for beginers and relaxation yoga - just don't want to straight myself too much or get my body overheated. Before I decided to ttc I had a six pack - but since then, after ovulation, I don't do any abdnominal work. But I recently got 2 dvds for pilates and yoga for pregnant woman and I do that too - after all these excercises are designed for pregnant women so it should be safe for me too and it helps to stay in shape.
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My RE said to do NO aerobic exercise--That type of exercise releases stress hormones which can cause havoc with ttc.  BUT, he said I could walk and do weights.  I asked if no exercise was just during the tww and he said NO--stop it all together due to the stress hormones.
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