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had my little girl!!!!!!!!!!!

hi everyone just signing in to tell you ladys that i had my beautiful baby girl on wednesday, Sept. 24th last week. The labor procedure was horrible. I was supposed to be induced but contractions came on their own went up to 6 cm and then baby got stressed and her heart rate was going down as well as my blood pressure.  The had to do an emergency c-section which i am still trying to recover from.  This is a fast procedure but the recovery after is terrrible the pain you go thru is crazy. The best thing about it though is that my baby is healthy. Miss Elani Mercedes Cardy weighed 7Lbs 13 onces, 21 inches long. She is beautiful. Anyone have any suggestion on an infected eye the baby woke up today with puss in her eye she has an infection.  I was told to constantly wash the eye out but now her eye is irritated. Any suggestions? I wasin a group of ladys don't know where you guys went but i hope everything turned out ok.
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WOW!! congratulations!!  Seems like just yesterday you got your BFP!!!

It's funny how horrible the labor and delivery is and you get that wonderful package and it makes it all worth it.

Once again, congrats!!

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Don't know your story, but want to say my CONGRATS on the baby girl....she's big!!! Enjoy every minute of your maternity!!!!
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Same here.. I don't know your story.. but I am happy for you...Congrats!!!
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Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! I hope her eye is getting better. I would ask the doc b4 trying any otc remedies on an infant that young. I would ask if Witch Hazel mixed with water and applied with cotton is ok. It is very mild and all natural. It is used for many things homeopathic wise. BUT, definitely ask b4 trying anything. Congrats on that BEAUTIFUL baby!!!
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Congrats Sili. I know I haven't been on here in forever....long story. But glad to hear you and baby are healthy and thriving. I too had my little one on Sept 15th. I wasn't due till the 19th but was induced due to PUPP rash. Everything was going well till I hit 8cm and then stopped progressing. The doctors waitied too long to check his position and he was posterior. They tried turing him but his heartrate went down and then started going down with contractions and then rebounding. They did a c-section also for me and he was born at 834pm weighing 7lbs even. His name is Owen William. We're both doing well. Recovery from the c-section has been slow but I'm getting there. You will feel much better once you hit the 2 week mark.  Congrats and good luck.                  
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Congrats on your baby girl! I wish you all the luck in the world..
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Hi.  We never had the chance to "talk", but I too just wanted to offer my congratulations!  That's so exciting :)  Enjoy your little miracle!
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