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had second ivf on saturday

Hi to All who know me and new ones,

Sorry not been on for a while but had alot of trouble at work with a colleague. been off work for two weeks due to it and now off for another two weeks, because i have had one Embryo inplanted on saturday the 3rd of october.  I had 8 in freezing and when un frozen they were all doing wel, but they only put one Embryo in as it was the best out of all the 8 they told me its an 8 cell Embryo not sure if this is good or not but they asured me they were very optimistic that i will have a very good chance on conceiving.  but i not to sure as last time it didnt work but im quietly hopeful that it will.  I also got a letter of hospital today saying my 7 other Embryo's are no good and they have to disgard them quite upset by this, so this means i have only got one more free cycle of ivf so i am really hoping this Embroyo at the moment will do its job i have to do Pregnancy Test on the 17th oct thats the day before my birthday so i really hope i get the birthday present of my dreams it would be the best present in the whole wide world for me and my husband.  Please feel free to comment look forward to you all helping me along the way with ups and downs but hopefully more ups than downs

From Jobygirl.
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Thanks for replying i think wot is happening in work is terrible that vile person should be sacked no one should have to put up with that especially in work!!!!!

That is great news about the embryo bein the best they can be im so happy for you and i will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your husband... I also had 13 firtilized eggs so im hopefull out that many hopefully they will all be good and ill get a pregnancy out of it.. Iam sad that i have to wait 3months to have my trasfer but my doc did advise me it was for the best with me not being well after the retrival...

Im hoping and praying this all goes well for you and ill be keeping you in my thought...
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Hi Kittykat7, Thanku for replying.

The trouble i have had at work is a harrassment and bullying and verbal abuse, so doctor put me on the sick for stress and anxity an put me off work again due to the IVF implant.

The reason the other Embryo's didn't work is because after unfreezing them and leaving them in the liquid they didnt produce any more cells like they should, they only had one to two cells on them where this one thats in me is at 10 cell stage which is the best one and only one to be put into me, which they feel i will get pregnant an 100%.  but thats there view, but i will wait to see what happens a week on saturday. i am trying my best not to think about it but as you know thats hard as you know that there is something there but dont know till the 14 day.

Im sorry to  hear your egss have been frozen for three months that must be heart ache having to wait again.  But they do know what there doing so you will be okay and your eggs as well.  All my 13 eggs were good and sperm firtilized all my eggs which was brillant they put two Embryo's back the first and they had to disgard three fresh ones as they didnt produce cells so that left 8 in freezing and now i have none left which is heart renching to me and my husband doesnt even know yet cause i dont want to tell him at work dont know how he will take.  It just seems like we always get bad luck and i really just want this work and make my husband the daddy hes always wanted be and our familys happy to as they are all hoping and praying as they were all upset the last time and i was the one who felt bad and useless.  But lets hope god and fate and luck are on our side and you and husband too.  Jobygirl.
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Hi iv just read your post.. im sorry to hear your having trouble at work i supposed its the last thing you need when going through somethin like this...Im on my first cycle of ivf and had my egg retrival on the 28/9/09 but was not able to have my embryo tranfer due to hyperstimulation of the ovaries.. so my eggs have been frozen.. and carnt go back until 3 months im now just wondering with you having your embryos frozen and them sending you a letter sayin there no good any more wot was the reason for them not surviving?? I hope this embryo works for you and you get the best birthday gift you could ask for..
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