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hello all and here is my story

Hello all out there and first and foremost good luck to all.

My name is Terri, 36 yo, I have been married for almost 10 years. Started trying to get pregnant 7 years ago with no success so far.  I was diagnosed with endo. 3-4 years ago and had lapascopic surgery for removal of same.  I then was placed on one round of Clomid with no success other than a nervous breakdown.  December of 2005 had second lapascopic surgery for removal of more implants of endo, (different doc) he stated that it appeared the first doc really did not remove any due to no scaring,  at that time he found stage 3 endo, endo on my bowel and colon, a uterin fibriod, and a cyst on my left ovary so no surgical intervention at that time.  In March of 2006, had a laparotomy for the above. All went well and placed on Clomid again, as luck would have it my left ovary did not respond, and my right ovary overstimulated, developed a large cyst and 4 days later my right ovary torted and died so off to emergency surgery in April of 2006 for removal of the right ovary.  (OK ladies that was a very, very, very rare side effect of Clomid so do let that shy you away from it).  Since then been having non stop cysts to the left ovary, up to 2-3 at a time. grrr.  I am suppose to go on Lupron for one month the doc wants to slam me with clomid again.  We will see how it goes,  alittle on edge since I only have ovary left.  

What we women will go through.

Lots of luck,
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Ugh.... sounds like you are having a horrible time! I wish you the best of luck (and relaxation) on your journey  :)
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So sorry you have had such a rough time:( I hope things start looking up for you from now on!
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Clomid again??????  

Has he explained to you exactly WHY he thinks this is a good idea, and not risky?
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I am really sorry for all you have & are gng through!!I wish you all the luck in future!!!
Here's something that i read from the forum that really touched me after my two m/cs in an year!
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Oh i am so sorry hun and wish you the best of luck. I know what it is like to have one ovarian cyst after another but thankfully i still have my ovaries ... Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers hun
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Sorry to hear that! Nothing I say will make u feel better, however alway remember that the one above knows it all and is omnipotent. Wish u the best.
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Can't you go on another drug... what about an injectable?  

When were you diagnosed with endometriosis?   Did they see evidence of it on u/s or did they do exploratory surgery and FIND it?   Were your tubes clogged?

The reason I am so curious is because I have a lap scheduled for december and I am a little mad.  I think this should have been done last year, but my doc was sure I don't have endo, but I have so many of the symptoms.  

Sorry for the rambling, but I understand your frustration.  We have been ttc for 3 years with NO EXPLAINATION.   it's frustarting.

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Thanks for all the replies. They suspected endo because every female in my family has it, but no it was not seen on US and was found with the exploritory.  As far as my doctor I think he is just at his wits end with the hole thing, he is confident that the torsion was just really bad luck, I agree but have to wonder if bad luck would strike again.  Other medication have been discussed but since clomid is the "mild" one out of all of them I believe he is afraid to try anything stronger.  It all does get old but I put my faith with the man upstairs.  If it is meant to be it will happen, if not I can not let it devistate my life.  I can not afford IVF at 10 thousand dollars with no guarantee, I would rather if I can not get pregnant on my own, put the money towards a sure thing like adoption.  

Thanks again,
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I have endo too, struggling with getting preggo with the 3rd, I have 2 girls. The Lupron worked well for me. I did 6 months of Lupron(the side effects are bad though) then I got preggo right away after. Synarel nasal spray also worked well for endo symptoms, I did that 15 years ago when I first found out about the endo. It might be worth checking into. Good Luck to you!
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What are the side effects of the Lupron?
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