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help please emergency!!!!!!!!

first off let me start off by saying that my last menstral was between June the 19th and June 22nd. now me and my boyfriend had sex around the time my menstral started. normally my mentral starts around the 27th but this time it came early. I did not realize my mental started until after we had sex. now my boyfriend did not c** in me but I still know that there's always precum.my boyfriend also told me that he went to the doctors the other day and the doctors told him that he has a low sperm count. But after we had sex about 2 weeks later my nipples were hurting just a little.now it's close to my minstrel again and I have been feeling my pre cramps for my menstrual.my pre you tell me when my menstral will be starting. but it hasn't been showing up. and just now my lower back has been hurting a little.today's date is now July 19 should I get a pregnancy test or should I wait till my menstral start because I have been getting my pre cramps?
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I agree with Number, it really just sounds like your next period is coming.  If you do want to take a home test there is nothing to stop you from doing so, however.  I might add that this is not an emergency in the sense that you would need to do something immediately and have to know right now or else it will be too late to do that thing.  If you are pregnant (and don't fret, it doesn't sound like it), it is too late to take the morning-after pill.  This would give you at least a few weeks to decide what to do.  And if you are not pregnant, it is not an emergency either.  Try to relax.  
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You should wait to test.  It doesn't sound like your pregnant.  You had sex on the start of your last period.  He did not ejaculate in you.  There may have been precum but he had a low sperm count.  Chances of pregnancy are very slim.
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