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high testosterone levels!!!!

So I want to the doc today to get my results, everything was good, I have high testosterone levels and my doc said the only way they can get it regulated is for me to go on the pill.she gave it to me for 3 Mons and for me to join a gym to lose some weight and then after that she is going to test again and see if my levels want back to normal, she said because of that that is why I haven't had my period, so now there is def no baby for me and hubs. I'm so sad I feel like I toke two steps forward and three steps back. I'm just so sad, but there is nottin I can do. But at least I know what is wrong and we can go from there.
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Started on my journey to get where I need to be watching what I'm eating and going to start working out on the weekends and start the pill. I know when I do get my period again it's going to feel weird been a long time. Wish me luck
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Yea I asked of that and they said testosterone levels are higher then normal but not super high that she needs to be worried about it and my ovaries look fine so does my cervix and and my tubes.she said normal is 40% and I'm at 64%. So that is why we're doing the pill
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See if u have pcos i had the same problem andt hey told me i had pcos and they put me on medformin and a birth control told me to work out but they also told me if i want to get pregnant. That i need to get off the pill still take metformin and a prenatal vitamin and change my eating habit and work out 4days a week for 30 min a day and no caffine and they they would put me on clomid im going to doctor next week to be put on clomid
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