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how can I concieve

I have PCOS and have very irregular periods( maybe 3-4 a year). I am on Actos to help with this disorder and I have also tried Metformin which did nothing. My periods will last anywhere from 7-30 days. I am wondering which fertility drug might be worth trying?
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Sorry to hear about your struggles! i too have been diagnosed with PCOS, though its mild, but its on my one remaining ovary! grrr!  i would actually start to ovulate but the follicle woulnd't release (which is common in pcos)  as heather said,, starting with clomid or femara is typically the first line.. i would make sure you go to an RE or an OBGYN that monitors you.. some pcos patients (and non pcos patients) will be on months of ovulation stimulation drugs like clomid trying month after month, but aren't monitored so dont' know if they are even producing nice follicles.. so an ultrasound around O time is worth so much!    I ate a l super ow carb diet the month we got preg (my dr wanted to try without metformin)  it was sooo hard, but worth it!< and thats the month we got preg with diet modification... also exercising can help regulate your insulin levels.. first thing in the morning i would eat something that wouldn't spike my blood sugar, like a handful of almonds.. since thats typically the worst time for bloodsugar!    GOOD LUCK!  Keep us updated! : )
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I think the first thing to try is clomid (or maybe femara), since it's just a pill you take every day for five days in the beginning of your cycle. Your doctor will probably start you off on the lowest dose, and then monitor you to make sure you ovulate. If you don't ovulate on the lower dose, he or she will probably give you a higher dose. Since clomid is an ovulation inducing drug, it should also help regulate your cycles, since you will ovulate within (I believe it is) 10 days from taking your last pill.

Good luck to you!
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