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im a 22 year old surrogate im TTC

HI new mommas i have just become a surrogate for an infertile couple from California and they want me to give them a baby boy i am currently getting ready to start metformin 500mg and clomid 50mg to help me concieve their child i hope its a boy lol i m currently looking for a white sperm donor because the couple want me to  conceive by a white father i have  question though can i take 2 x 50mg of clomid instead of one 50mg tablet of clomid without overdosing is it dangerous i dont think ill ovulate with 50mg of clomid 1 time daily
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Ask the doctor. I wouldn't listen to strangers on recommendations of how much of a dose you should take.
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This is really something you should be asking an OB about. Best to get advice from a medical professional in a case like yours.
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I've no luck but I wish you luck.  I wonder if they'll be ok with a girl if you have one. I hope so.
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*no idea
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Clomid doesn't make you ovulate, it grows more follicles. You're more likely to end up with multiples while taking it. I hope you're going to a Dr for all this and it's all in writing and you're not just going out and getting pregnant by someone at random. Everyone needs to sign stuff stating the agreement to give the child up. I've done fertility treatment for myself with Clomid and metformin and they really mess you up inside. Dr's should be monitoring your follicles and give you a shot to force ovulation once they're big enough. That's when to conceive.
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