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im in need of help

i have irregular periods and cant seem to conceive.ive been trying for a long time now. my period came dec22,09 and ended dec26,09. i really dont know when i will start ovulation.my cycle lenght probably is 28-35. my periods usually last a week wen they come. my biggest problem is that i dont know when im ovulating or fertile enough to conceive.
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I could never figure out my ovulation either!  I know some friends used the kits you can buy at the store, and those helped.  Also, check some websites - they have calendars that you type your information in and that might help you at least time it.
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You should try the clearblue fertility monitor. Its useful for people with irregular periods as it tells you exactly when your fertile and ovulating. Its kind of pricey...about 160 for the monitor but thats about a office visit charge for a fertility doctor so its worth it.
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Hey Sweetie,

  If your cycle started on the 22nd of Dec then you were more than likely fertile between the 6th and 8th, with day 8th being the actual day you ovulated. Since your periods are irregular, the dayz may vary. I hope this helps!
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I have always read that fertile days for a regular period would be days 11-14. If your cycle varies you could to to babycenter website. They have an ovulation calculator. I would enter your shortest cycle to see your fertile days then enter your longest cycle to see fertile days again. Then average them. Monitors don't always work with irregular periods. Good luck!
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I had luck getting pregnant with my son with the clearblue digital ovulation kit. I did not know my cycle either and that is why i purchased it. It includes 7 sticks and I usually start testing on day 9 (I have a 27 day cycle and typically get a positive on either day 11 or 12). Keep testing until you see a smiley face.  After using this kit for the first time, i got pregnant instantly. (Unfortunately i can not say that for the baby #2 we are trying to conceive.) The other thing you can do is have sex every other day from 10 to day 16 or 17. Also, try to be aware of any cervical mucus you might see in your underwear or when you wipe. The more abundant and "eggwhite" in texture you see ,the more fertile you are although don't be alarmed if you don't notice any - as not everyone gets a ton of it. The other thing you might want to do is buy the book Taking Charge of your Fertility. It tells you what you can do when trying to conceive.   Lastly, talk to your obgyn if it's been over 6 mos with no luck. maybe they can do some preliminary tests on you or partner to see if there might be a clinical reason you might not be getting pregnant. Good luck!
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hey, do these test really work because im running ou of options i never knew trying to conceive would be so hard. when i was younger my mom always told me it only took one time to get pregnant but thats not true i guess that was jus to scare me lol. but the funny part is it takes forever seems like...
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Hang in there girl.. I am approaching 6months no BFP. I tried the OPK's first response. Spent $17 on 20 tests... what a waste- not a single one positive. I now am trying the BBT, still no luck at all. I could have ovulated- but who knows.

After the IDU my first period was 92 days, the next was 35 days, now I am at day 44 with NOTHING. It *****, but just maybe I did already conceive? Maybe I am pregnant.

In 18days I go to the DR and I am excited, cant wait to see what we can do to have a baby. Lots of luck!
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I agree with Kris71 and her advice.  

I wanted to share that I have PCOS and I had very irregular periods and I didn't ov at all. I was having annovulation periods not a true period.  My uterine lining became dangerouly thick. A thick lining is pre-cursor to uterine cancer.  I had to get a bx and then take provera so I could shed my lining. When not ttc, I am advised to be on bcp to make sure my lining sheds.

I found out i didn't ov by taking my bbt/charting.  I also used the book  "Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health" Toni Weschler; Paperback.  

Charting is a commitment; taking your temp every morning before your move an inch is tough.  I had my hubby take it so I didn't have to move b/c once you move, your temp reading is off.  So...again, it's an adjustment to do this but for me, it was well worth it. The GYN thought i had pcos but the fertility doctor didn't because my labs were fine and I didn't have any abnormal hair growth (little did he know that i took care of that and he never asked) but once they saw my ovaries full of cysts, the dx was finally made.

I ended up going the IUI route after a year and half of figuring things out. I, too, thought I wouldn't have a hard time ttc but I did.  However a friend of mine has pcos and only used clomid to get her first two babies and the 3rd was a surprise. So, it can vary from person to person. And of course, with Pcos, losing 10% of your body weight can help signficantly I was over-weight and now im tad lighter but still need to lose more since Im still overweight.

I am not saying you have PCOS; just sharing my story since I have been where you are now. And I had my baby almost a year ago.  This is just something you may want to discuss with your OB.
Good luck and feel free to ask any questions.  
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i too have PCOS and it does vary.. I didnt try with my son and he is almost 3. Now I am trying but not the same weight and having lots of trouble. I am hoping to get on Metformin or Clomid to help ovulation and weight control.
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