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increase pregnancy chances

is there any one out there who can help my husband and i... we have been trying to conceive for a year, and still nothing...any tips on increasing our chances... would love advice for either me or him...or both... THANKS .....
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some of the things I found and found important were these:
Stop babymaking and start lovemaking
When you're "trying," it's easy to let the mechanics of babymaking overshadow the romance of lovemaking. Unfortunately, stress can interrupt normal ovulation cycles in women, kill your sex drive, and can even cause men's testosterone levels and sperm count to drop.

If you want your baby's conception to be a loving and unforgettable experience, be sure you relax enough to enjoy it!

Mind Control
Women who suffer from depression are twice as likely to have problems with fertility as women who don’t. Get a mental health check if you notice signs of depression. Also, try stress management techniques, such as yoga and meditation, which research suggests can also help in getting pregnant.
For your man
Ask your partner to chuck all briefs and opt for boxers instead for a healthy sperm count. Also, having sex in the morning would help since the semen has the highest number of sperm then.

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. Very few couples conceive on the first try. In fact, even if everything is absolutely in perfect working order, you only have a 20-25% chance of conception each month. If you are under 30, and haven’t conceived in 12 months, you should make an appointment to see your doctor as there could be some issues at play with are preventing you from getting pregnant. If you are over 35, and haven’t succeeded in getting pregnant in six months, make an appointment to see your doctor, as infertility issues become more prevelant the older you get. If you are over 40, then do not delay in getting medical help.
Hope it helps. Baby dust your way...
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After one year I would definitely go see your doctor. It wouldn't hurt to have some tests performed and be given medical advice. You may be referred to an RE, if you are over 35 I would reccomend it. It only took our RE 3 months to figure out what we needed and helped us to conceive our son, good luck!!
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