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My age is 32 & I've completed 6yrs of marriage still no kids I've tried IUI 5 times but not succesful but once I was pregnant during IUI but had to remove the baby of 6.6weeks due to no heartbeats lack of proper treatment.Both our reports our normal u suggest now wat should be done????
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I think we are in the same boat. We did a lot of tests and both our reports are normal.
I am doing Hysteroscopy on Friday but RE says its not neccessary becoz my HSG reports are normal. But i am doing it. We are trying for one year (Clomid+IUI). Next month we are going for IVF.I think u should try IVF.
What tests did u do ?
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I know how this's hard for you from my own experience. We've been ttc for 8 long years. All our tries and hopes gave nothing. It seems I'm the only one who undergoing such battle. Everyone around have children and live happy lives. And I'm just watching them, thinking why me and what have I done to deserve this. I blame myself though sometimes I understand this is not my fault. There are some processes which we are not able to control. At the same time this is so hard to think about something else but guilt. I wish both of us to become mothers soon. So all bad things and thoughts will be gone from our lives.
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HI! I'm sorry you found yourself here. Here's my story: my ex partner and I TTC for 13 months without success. He has a kid from a previous marriage. He refused to see a Dr and we finally broke up over it. That left me 37, single and desperate for a baby. Now I'm 40 yo. Together with dh we decided we want a baby. It was high time to begin looking at ivf treatments. Tests showed nothing but a low amh (10.8). So apart from being old (40), and fat (!) there's no explanation.  
Currently passing ivf with overseas clinic.
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