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hai i am 29 years old . i did 5 iui but no result. now i discontinued the treatment. suggest me wheather to continue or not.
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What does your re suggest at this point?  I would think he/she would try different meds along w/your iui's to help things along.  Has he/she mentioned IVF?
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    thanks for your words.i have pcos. i take riomet od daily. my family members will not allowed me to the next step. they bellieve things will be happene when time is good. what shall i do? .
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In my opinion, you should go by what your doctor recommends and not what family members think.  I'm not sure what culture you're coming from so it's easy for me to say this because every culture is different & in some, what family members say has great importance.

That being said, do what's in your heart.  If your doctor wants to try IVF for example & you feel good about it - I would go for it - jen
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I hate when people say it will happen on it's own.  It's not like that for everyone!  Some of us need a little help and that's all right.  Continue to do what your doctor suggests you do and what YOU want to do, not what your family and others want you to do.  IVF will probably be the next step unless your doctor wants you to try Clomid or something else with IUI.  Good luck!
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My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 years. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. Treatments and medications didn't work for us. Unfortunately nothing gave result. Now I'm looking into donor eggs option. Recently I made some medical tests at a local hospital. In a couple of days I will go to new reproductive center which opened in nearby town. I hope it will help me to know if I'm ready for using donor eggs. This option seems great for me. I feel like it will help us to become parents. I'm sorry I can't help you with information about clinics. I don't know much about European centers. As I'm only at the beginning of my path to parenthood I don't have much information to share. I hope you will find all you need here.
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I'd advise looking onto ivf in such a case. I guess 5 failed iuis in a row is just enough to show sth else is needed. I know this post is late and probably you've already found the ways out. Just sending you all the best of luck. Hope you're on the other side of the fence now.
Here's my  background in brief. With ex partner ttc  for 13 months without success. He even didn't want to a dr which drove me crazy. So this was the reason we broke up leaving me childless 38 yrs old. Now I'm 40, my dh is amazing, so we decided to give another try. Unfortunately things didn't turn to get better. Apart from being old and fat! there's no expalnation. My last amh check result came in 10,8. We're undergoing ivf overseas. I've already started injections though it was not easy due to my needle phobia..Another thing making me jealous is my heavily prego sister..I hope things are changing for better..Babydust to all struggling ladies!
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